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Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Wesley Clark: The Return Of The Barracks Emperor

It's Very thoughful of Barracks Emperor Wesley Clark to advise the House of Representatives when it should hold hearings, and what they should be about. It shows a level of decorum and tact that catapulted him to such hieghts in last Winter's Presidential Primaries. He may have struck his guidon and retreated last year, but he has now returned to explain to us all how to deal with Iraq and Syria.

To whit, he has strongly reccommended we reassure both Iran and Syria that our intentions in Iraq will not cause either of them any harm. Except this would not be honest. Any action we take effects these countries. They have fundamentally organized themselves around opposing us and condemning our society and way of life. So if we are in Iraq, and we organize it to resemble the United States in any way, shape or fashion, we drop the gauntlet in front of the leadership in both of these nations. They can pick it up, or they can suffer the penalties that accrue to cowards.

While niether country can put armed formations against our Iraq force openly, they are currently using Fabian tactics in hopes that our population will demand our leadership to remove our forces from Iraq. This very well may work against the US. It has in the past.

However, reassuring two countries wo are selling weapons and providing logistical support to a guerrilla force bent on our destruction will not make these countries abate. It will enhance their belief in the effort they are engaged in. The rewards of cravenness then arrive in our inbox.

Thus, when Barracks Emperor Wastely Clark demands that the House of Representatives hold hearings about what we will do if Syria collapses, we should mail The General Emeritus a bottle of champagne and a party favor. Even if that's not what Denny Hastert would do if Syria tanked, it's what millions of other people would do in Lebannon, Isreal, Turkey, Jordan and without a doubt in Iraq as well.

Reassuring Bashir Assad of anything, is like telling the school bully who steals your lunch money that it doesn't bother you at all. It's as counterproductive and ineffective as Wesley Clark's last political campaign.


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