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Friday, March 04, 2005

Moving The Ball

The word from President Bush's oponents on Social Security Reform is that he is running out of time to convince the public that Social Security needs fixing. They say this as President Bush prepares a sixty stop tour to tout his new initiative for improving the American pension system. This is not only spin on their part, but it is a sign of growing concern.

The New York Times took a poll on Social Security and misreported it's results in the following manner.

Reporting the poll's results, the Times said the survey showed that Americans "are increasingly resistant to [the president's] proposal to revamp Social Security and say they are uneasy with Mr. Bush's ability to make the right decisions about the retirement program." The paper also reported that, "The poll underscores just how little headway Mr. Bush has made in his effort to build popular support as his proposal for overhauling Social Security struggles to gain footing in Congress."

The poll ignored the fact that 68% of repondents felt the current system had troubles. It also ignored the result that 55% of these people felt that these problems justified immediate action.

This could be why even DNC Chairman Howard Dean admits that something needs to be done about Social Security. That something may or may not be the specific proposal outlined by President Bush. However, the so-called third rail is now an open point of political debate and discussion.

Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan added even greater impetous by stating that Social Security Reform was a key to avoiding longterm economic stagnation. This never would have happened in years past and is a sign that George W. Bush knows exactly how to move the ball towards his chosen goal post.

Update I: Boi From Troy has more detail on Alan Greenspan's Social Security remarks.

Update II: Cold Hearted Truth analyzes the New York TImes poll from a different perspective.

Update III: Right Voices chronicles one of Harry Reid's less congenial moments.


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