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Monday, March 21, 2005

If Scott Peterson Were A Smarter Criminal, Who Would He Be?

According to BlueStateBase, Michael Schiavo didn't have the agonizing choice to make that he's currently getting salubrious credit for. In fact, his only problem with the situation is that Terri continues to breathe.

  1. ...first Michael Schiavo beats and strangles his wife Terri, leaves her lying unconscious on the floor until her family arrives to get her to the hospital.
  2. Then Michael Schiavo sues the hospital for $20 million because he needs the money to get his poor wife therapy.
  3. Then Michael Schiavo pockets the money, denies his wife the care he said she needed and finally, claims she really wants to die.
  4. Michael Schiavo killed his wife Terri's cat, melted down her wedding ring and then took up with his girlfriend and lives with her today with their children.
  5. Just take a gander at the sworn testimony of an attending nurse: Carla Sauer Iyer (affidavit* below) but let me save you some time and report a quote of Michael Schiavo's after visiting his still living wife: "When is that bitch gonna die?"

When is this poor woman going to die? Not yet! Thank you US Congress.

Why is Michael Schiavo so concerned? It's not over the pain. It's over what's left of the $20 million. The day after he won that judgement, he probably started wanting Terri taken off the machinery and planted somewhere six feet under.

Now, she just won't die. Michael Schiavo is watching his lawsuit swag melt away like the sands in an hourglass. He thought he'd won it all and hit the jackpot. He must have figured he could plant poor Terri, pocket the green and take up permanently with his newest rent-a-skank.

If I were truely a sadist, and was the judge in this case, I'd do the following.

  1. Euthanize Terri Schiavo.
  2. Charge Michjael Schiavo with murder.
  3. Charge Michael Schiavo and all of his heirs for every legal hour billed, by every attorney involved, since this became an issue.

If Terri Schiavo were to pass peacefully in her sleep the day after Michael's booty ran out, justice would be served in a way that the euthanasianists will never understand. The woman is a human being, not a slogan generator, not a talking point, not a meal ticket for her dishonest, dirtbag of a husband.

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