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Thursday, March 17, 2005

Cozying Up To Iran? I wish I were Kidding!

Who could possibly forget "America Held Hostage; Day 438!" Not me, I spent over a year of my young life hearing that on the news every day. Apparently, several of our prominent experts on foreign policy can.

Bill Clinton perhaps enhaled before he offered up this incite on the current regime in Iran.

Bill Clinton also seemed fuzzy about the true nature of tyranny, and thus was clueless about murderous theocratic Iran. Recently he cooed, "Iran today is, in a sense, the only country where progressive ideas enjoy a vast constituency" — as if theocrats there allow truly popular government. -From Victor Davis Hansen. (Jewish World Review)

Thomas P.M. Barnett offers up this gem of an observation.

WORK WITH ME ON THIS ONE. Iran getting the bomb could be the best thing that's ever happened to the Middle East peace process. .....

He then maps out how satorially elegant the emporer's new appeasement outfit would look...

I would send James Baker, our last good secretary of state, to Tehran as your special envoy with the following message: "We know you're getting the bomb, and we know there isn't much we can do about it right now unless we're willing to go up-tempo right up the gut. But frankly, there's other fish we want to fry, so here's the deal: You can have the bomb, and we'll take you off the Axis of Evil list, plus we'll re-establish diplomatic ties and open up trade. But in exchange, not only will you bail us out on Iraq first and foremost by ending your support of the insurgency, you'll also cut off your sponsorship of Hezbollah and other anti-Israeli terrorist groups, help us bully Syria out of Lebanon, finally recognize Israel, and join us in guaranteeing the deal on a permanent Palestinian state. You want to be recognized as the regional player of note. We're prepared to do that. But that's the price tag. Pay it now or get ready to rumble." -Thomas P.M. Barnett (Esquire Magazine).

Iran would just love to agree to that and I'm sure Mr. Baker is packing his travel bags as we speak. Mr. Barnett would also like to unload that Florida swamp condominium he owns the expensive time share in. If this is The Pentagon's new map, please don't hand it off to an over-eager 2nd LT.

Iran runs a thug regime. It will not negotiate with the US, because it would lose any claim to its legitimacy without us as an enemy. They are also about as likely to cut loose Syria and Hamas as they are to build a Holocaust Memorial Park.

That of course assumes the Iranian government controls Hamas as well as bankrolling it. That's quite a leap of faith and not a very safe one. Iran's government probably pays Hezbollah, Hamas and all the other assorted hudlums, vipers and churls a protection fee.

Last time out it was the US Embassy, tommorrow, it could be The Iranian National Assembly. The current PM of Iran probably gets that message at least once a month. Sometime near when the rent check is due. The Iranian regime governs with the permission of their terrorist guardians. This scenario is straight out of Plato's Republic.


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