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Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Or Else What?

The Syrians have denied any involvement in the brutal slaying of Rafiq Hariri. It must have been a rogue group of terrorists that the Syrians have no connection to. Bashir Assad is way too nice a guy to do a mean thing like kill someone. After all, Mullah Omar initially said the same thing about 9-11.

Well, contrary to optimistic opinion, the Syrians have owned Beirut for three decades. They've done for it what Washington, DC has done for Prince Georges County, Maryland. They've turned it into a refuse dump and it won't be improving any time soon.

So did the Ba'athists wax Hariri? Absa-Frikkin-Lutely! Of course they waxed him and they wanted President George W. Bush to see and hear it live and in stereo. Now, like the Chinese after The Tienamin Square Massacre, they are posing us an implied question. Or else what?

The what with Tienamin Square was most-favored nation status and the entire retail floor at the local Walmart. Followed then by the hand-over of Hong Kong by the British. Then to really fix the Chinese but good, we built North Korea a nuclear reactor so they wouldn't have to. We showed them what would happen if they didn't play nicely.

Bashir Assad may not have the greatest reputation for being a visionary leader of his people. However, he's not blind and deaf. He knows that the way to get over on the West is to Mau-mau them; hard. Make them have to do something and push the crisis to the sticking point.

No one had the guts to stop Hitler from rearming Germany. No one saw fit to deny China anything after Tienamin Square. No one has the nerve to call out Kim Il Jung after his announcement of a nuclear arsenal. Why would anyone have the guts to stand up to Syria. There will be no peace in Lebanon or in a new Palestinian state if Damascus has a say.

President Bush and Jacques Chiraq can denounce the Syrians all day long. It makes for good television, but the enemy always gets a vote. We're getting back to cozy with the sophisticates over on the continent. We can say anything we want, but Bashir Assad knows well that the proof is in the pudding. The question he still poses is "Or Else What?"


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