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Thursday, February 24, 2005

More Of A Quisling Than A Churchill

How does one truly become a media darling in the Postmodern Academic World?

For Richard Feynman, this involved genuine brilliance and a knack for self-promotion. He redefined quantumelectrodynamics, helped build the atomic bomb and then still had the energy to hit the lecture circuit and sell his discipline.

For others, less talented, they have to do something really loud and stupid. That will carry someone pretty far before the world gets told the emporer really has no clothes. The developers of "Cold Fusion" at the University of Utah had us all admiring their sartorial elegance for about 15 minutes.

For those with no ability whatsoever, academia proves a barren ground, unless, of course, you really hate the United States and actively root for a lot of its citizens to die a horrible death. Then George Soros, or one of his puppet organizations, opens the funding floodgates for you.

Ward Churchill became a loud and strident activist for terrorism against The United States. Not just an apologist, not just a milquetoast, whitebread, wet-pantied, liberal sympathizer. An outright advocate, rooting for the Hamas Team the way a Good Catholic Roots for Notre Dame. He's on tape firing up the troops in seattle.

(Here, Here, Here, and Here) - Michelle Malkin reader Anthony J.

This gibberish, this hatred of his own land, this unrepentant desire to see all of us "Little Eichmans" burn in the fires of Gahenna, doesn't come on the cheap. It takes a certain level of funding and support to really stab your country in the back. A whole network of committed "Little Zunigas," ready to stand up and say "screw them!" anytime an American dies by the hands of a terrorist.

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