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Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Medipander - It's The Dicker-Picker-Upper

The Prescription Drug Panderation Act has gone past rediculous now and verges into the territory of federally financed brigandage. It started as a plan to supplement the affordability of emergency medicines for the elderly and then like the man-eating vine in Little Shop of Horrors, it grew.

Soon obesity, pain-killer and other non-lifesaving medications were cozened onto the list of covered drugs. As one doctor put it, they were nice things to have.

"These are drugs that treat a condition that compromises the quality of life but doesn't threaten life," said Dr. Ira Sharlip, a professor of urology at UC San Francisco. "But there are many drugs that are approved for quality-of-life indications. It wouldn't be right to single out [impotence drugs] as frivolous when there are so many others in the same category" — such as prescription drugs for indigestion or mild pain, he said.

This is precisely what happens with these feel-good, oh-so-sensitive, giveaway boondoggle programs. There is never a justifiable place to say "Hell, No! GO buy your own."

So now we make taxpayers fit the bill for horny old men to buy their boner pills. This is robbery. This is an outrage. This is not why I vote for conservative candidates. This must be stopped. Next month, when the RNC asks for a donation, tell them you'd be glad to, except that the money you would have contributed is funding some old, lecherous prick's purchase of Cialis or Viagra.

Update I: Sue Bob's Diary describes the tyranny by taxation that these federal largesse programs bring into being.


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