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Friday, February 25, 2005

Is This Why They Call Him "Firebrand"?

"Ward Churchill is a viciously anti-American demagogue. He has every right to free speech, and I support his free speech… We should give him free speech by not paying him.

You don’t need tenure in this country anyway. The idea that he would be oppressed without tenure is nonsense. There are 75 whacked-out foundations that would hire him for life. Dozens of Hollywood stars would hold fundraisers for him. His life will become a film by Michael Moore.

The question here, is ‘What obligation does society have to fund its own sickness?’

We ought to say to campuses, it’s over…We should say to state legislatures, why are you making us pay for this? Boards of regents are artificial constructs of state law. Tenure is an artificial social construct. Tenure did not exist before the twentieth century, and we had free speech before then. You could introduce a bill that says, proof that you’re anti-American is grounds for dismissal."

Newt Gingrich unloads on Ward Churchill. Next time he should tell us how he really feels.

Jim Gereghty at NRO.Com thinks Ward Churchill could abolish tenure. I doubt it. Academia takes care of itself in a vicious manner. He will be drummed out of the fraternity and left to swing in the wind.

Meanwhile: Michelle Malkin details that Churchill takes his plagarism so seriously that he does it in more than just his writing.

And Furthermore: We get a dissenting view from a different academic who dislikes both Ward Churchill and Gingrich's idea.

There already exists a great deal of resentment towards universities in the public, and Churchill has become the poster child for that resentment. Still, I find it ulikely that there will actually be a major movement to utterly do away with tenure. Although I will note that there has been a diminution in the number of tenure-track jobs in recent years, and that fact has nothing to do with public pressure.

Setting aside the issue, for a moment of whether tenure is a good thing or not, I find Gingrich’s stance to be stunning. Yes, Ward Churchill has said, and will continue to say, hateful thing about the United States, yet how in the world does Mr. Gingrich propose operationalizing the concept of “anti-America” and thereby codifying it into law? And do we really even want to do such a thing? Do we want to unleash a witch hunt in our universities to weed out those who don’t think and speak “the right way"? To what end? What will we, as society, gain from such a process? - Steve Taylor.

- Once more TKS on NRO.


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