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Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Gonzo Journalism - Blogging Before The Internet?

Hunter S. Thompson shot himself in the head. He won a cult-like following of fans for inventing what he termed "Gonzo Journalism." The most famous example being his book "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas."

Although he certainly coined the term, "Gonzo Journalism" wasn't entrely Hunter S. Thompson's invention. Cohorts such as P. J. O'Rourke coalesced around the tutalege of Jann Werner of Rolling Stone Magazine. Other publications that catered to this sort of blatantly and unapologeticaly opinionated reporterage included Mother Jones, Ramparts and The Village Voice.

The "Gonzo" genre relied on humor, ludeness and an open defiance of the standards of the day to attract it's following and push the debased tenets of later 20th Century Post Modern Hedonism. The entire schtick worked in aposition to the very formal and professional atmosphere in which TV News Anchors droned. It targeted a yound audience that found the MSM of Hunter S. Thompson's day to be a disaffecting, crashing bore.

Thompson's willingness to attack the self-selecting canons of journalism with the reverence of Attila The Hun broke new ground. While Thompson lived and died a committed man of the left, his example inspired many people of every ideology.

Even though I would probably fear and loathe anyone Hunter S. Thompson thought should have held higher office, I admit the man blazed a trail of defiance against the restrictive, propagandic voice of the MSM. Perhaps "Gonzo Journalism" occurred because Hunter S. Thompson started blogging decades before Berners-Lee invented the internet.

Update I: Tow wolfe niether fears nor loathes the writing of Hunter S. Thompson. According to Sean at TAM, he has branded Thompson "The last century's greatest comic writer in the english language."


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