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Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Frank Talk From Congressman Barney

I have a confession to make. Congressman Barney Frank is not my favorite person in The House of Representatives. I wouldn't like the guy even if the prostitute who ran the escort service, catering to young males, out of his swank, Georgetown townhouse had been named Stephanie, rather than Steve Gobie.

However, he did do the US a favor yesterday as a member of our delegation to the international leftist wonkfest at Davos, Switzerland. He pimp-slapped CNN Nut-Job Jordan Eason in a manner that would have made the aforementioned Gobie fetch him a cold Coors Light.

It seems Eason Jordan has a pet theory that US soldiers are intentionally dropping the hammer on journalists. Luckily, Congressman Frank, while not a rabid fan of the US presence in Iraq, was a smart enough Congressman not to allow any personal prejudice lead him into defending the indefensible.

He told Eason Jordan to put up or shut. In Gobiespeak, that would be "Show me the money, b___h!" Jordan tried to slither back to his hole, but the Hateraid drinkers denied him the cover. So in the end, Jordan looked like a nut, the Davos Divas looked like the Anti-American bigots they all truly are and Congressman Barney Frank, yes Congressman Barney Frank, walked out of that wonk session looking like the voice of reason and Democracy. The 21st Century is truly off to a bizarre start.


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