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Friday, February 11, 2005

Final Thoughts On Ward Churchill

Early in his 15 minutes of infamy, I couldn't even get Ward Churchill's name right. I was sputtering mad that this jerk named Matt, Bob or Dave or maybe it was Mark Churchill had spewed a bunch of sick-up juice about the victims of Al Quaida being Little Eichmans. I should have stopped and reflected.

A little more thought on the subject of this Lilleputian Axis Sal would have caused me to at least get his name right when I reccommended that his infamous essay On The Justice of Roosting Chickens: Some People Push Back be read aloud to the drunk and happy CU alumni next Homecoming. I still like the idea, but would prefer to engage in a scholarly activity foreign to Ward Churchill. Namely, the proper citation of one's references.

Perhaps it's a little much to expect a man as thoroughly deracinated as Mark, I mean Ward, Churchill to keep his footnotes straight. He's bad enough with his own geneology. Perhaps he smoked too much dope while listening to Niel Young and Crazy Horse and woke up believing he was a Lakota Sioux. No, actually he showed up at a pow wow and got a card that named him an honorary Cherokee.

Ward Churchill then took his Cherokee membership card and concocted a dog and pony show about how The White Man was keeping him down. He wrote papers accusing the US Army of conducting medical experiments on Indians back in 1837. This led to numerous speaking engagements and teaching gigs and eventually, the Chairmanship of The Colorado University Ethnics Studies Department.

It was when Chief Fecing Bull booked an engagement to speak in New York that the facade came tumbling down. Someone actually remembered reading one of his delusional, barm-headed Jeremiads of racial victimization and wasn't too embarassed to admit to it. It turned out that Ward Churchill had all but said the 9-11 terrorism victims had it coming in spades. He's tried to backtrack since, but then Napoleon tried that too after leaving a big mess outside the mercilous, iron gates of Moscow.

Now people are blogging and researching Ward Churchill's innumerable deceits, prevarications and acts of outrageous barbarism that border on treason. The whole Potempkin Village of a CV he erected just got hit with a nuetron bomb. This is a perfect place to insert some snarky comment about justice and chickens coming home to roost.

But no, I'm done with Ward Churchill. I've found Andy, Trey or Bob Churchill to be a very useful symbol to express my unending reservior of contempt for the blood sucking, tenured lampreys that feed off university endowments to spew vile and untrue garbage. Luke Churchill's name can now be forgotten. The egg timer rang and his fifteen minutes are up.

Update I: According to Ace Of Spades, Ward's up and joined The Raelian Tribe as well.

Update II: Thanks to The Leather Penguin, we've got just what you need to go from lilly white to Custer's Blight!

Update III: Whoever is cloning the moorlocks needs to stop! According to Michelle Malkin, there's a nut-hatch on the Pittsburgh University faculty who's just as dyspeptic as Ward Churchill.

Update IV: The American Mind asks if blogging Ward Churchill helps the little creep by giving him more publicity. I would respectfully suggest that an IRS audit would give him similar publicity and be about as helpful to his career as we've been.

Correction: The little creep Michelle Malkin posted about actually teaches at Penn U. Thanks, Snake. Good Catch!


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