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Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Dementiacratic Party Follows Dr. Dean

The Democrats are infested by a man who is truly a charismatic Nut-Job. So steeped in unreality, that his opponents within his own party have accused him of "hiding in a spider-hole of denial." His opponents on the other side of the partisan divide violate Godwin's Law with regularity, whenever he opens his mouth in public.

He's out there so far that comparisons to Alan Keyes wouldn't be totally untoward to Alan Keyes. Heck, he's way worse than Alan Keyes. He's not only crazy, but unlike Alan Keyes, he could actually win, if you ran him for anything important.

So the Democrats found a way to put him in what the Japanese refer to as an "office by the river." One with a pretty view and an attractive secretary, but no legitimate professional responsibility. Howard Brush Dean now heads up the DNC.

His RNC counterpart was quick to congratulate him on his new promotion.

Richard Bond, the former head of the Republican National Committee, said: "He's a very capable guy, he's got high energy, but he will reinforce all of their worst instincts. His style and message is one that will narrow his party's options rather than expand them."

"I think it's a scream," Mr. Bond said.

The Post-Puberty Wing of The Democratic Party wasted no time in reminding the exhuberant Dr. Dean who he had to go see about the keys to the family car. Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid offered Dr. Dean the following "reminder."

Mr. Reid said: "The Democratic chairman has a constituency of 447 people. Our constituency is much larger than that."

For those not fluent in Doublespeak, he meant "Who's your Daddy now?"

The few remaining opponents to Dean's coronation seemed to be waking up and smelling the asphalt. One candidates paid mouthpiece offered the following assessment.

"We are assessing the situation, with a dose of realism," he said.

Which implies that the other candidates are vastly more qualified than Dr. Dean to lead a major political organization. No one has come forward lately and accused Dr. Dean of prescribing anything relatively close to a dose of realism to his fellow mental patients on the far left wing of The So-Called Democratic Party.

Update I: ColdHeartedTruth gets some excellent feedback on how Dean will do as DNC chair. (I reccommend the user comments to this post.)

Update II: Sean Hackbarth can resurrect The Duck Hunt. He's keeping close tabs on Howard The Duck as always.


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