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Monday, January 10, 2005

UNron - Auditing Not A Priority In Oil For Food Program

Paul Volcker has made common knowledge officially official. The UN did a really poor job of auditing it's accounts involved in the Oil For Food Program. This led to widespread abuse and allowed Saddam Hussein to pocket millions of Euros, Pounds and Dollars worth of kickbacks and bribes.

When describing the financial brigandage, Volcker's panel left us this chestnut of a summation.

"More comprehensive monitoring" of the contracts could have prevented the massive rip-off, the U.N.-appointed panel said.

That and one or two honest employees. It gets better. Volcker also found the following fraudulent payments in connection with the activities of UNron in Iraq.

  • A Dutch company managed to get away with several years of charging the United Nations for 31 days of work each June — a month that every schoolkid knows has 30 days.
  • The United Nations may have overpaid up to $5 billion in compensation to individuals, companies and Gulf states that suffered losses in Iraq's 1990 invasion of Kuwait.
  • A housing program in northern Iraq paid $625,000 in salaries to people who were not employed by the United Nations. -NY POST

Someone put those crazy guys at Halliburton on a leash. We can't have corporations rebuild Iraq, they might embezzle money or something. The type of thing UNron would never dream of.

This, of course, brings us to ponder another question. Do the victims of the recent tsunami in SE Asia really deserve this type of help? The way in which UNron helped out in Rawanda and Iraq would make the censors who condemn George W. Bush cry racism if Kofi Annan were not dark of hue.

This, in turn, brings us to the final question atop the $64,000 Pyramid. The US Congress gives the UN money and lets them infest New York City in order to make the world a better place. The member states of UNron then do the following things,

  • Embezzle this funding right and left.
  • Use it to give a megaphone to people who would like nothing better than to wipe their rears with Old Glory after amorning bowel movement.
  • Stand there like ineffectual potted plants in the face of tragedies like ethnic cleansing in the flotsam and jetsom of what was once Yugoslavia or the open tribal butchery in Rawanda.

Why again do we continue to fund this sickening, disingenuous charade of a world organization?

Update I: The forgiving folks at ColdHeartedTruth chalked it all up to Kofi needing some new shoes...

Update II: Michelle Malkin describes UNron's travesty of a relief effort in The Congo. Another reason India was smart enough to tell UNron to stuff their aid package.

Update III: Mypetjawa chronicles Kofi Annan's mastery of the art of the illicit deal.


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