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Monday, January 24, 2005

UNICEF Finds It Irrelevant

President Bush has done his part to combat world-wide racism. How? He's chosen a secretary for UNICEF that will shift the organization out of the business of mass produced third world abortion. Bush's appointee, Former Secretary of Agriculture, Ann Veneman has the unenviable task of changing a culture of death and racial condescention as she steps in as the new UNICEF Director.

For years, pro-life groups have fought a losing battle explaining the contradictory nature of a child welfare agency performing abortions to the intellectual elite at UNHQ. It's hard to convince these people that the world doesn't need a few million fewer babies that look like "them"; meaning anyone of a different race, culture or religion than the highly educated, European elites that handle most of the money and power in the current UN.

It's tough arguing logic with people who feel more abortions and sterilizations would serve as a form of humanity. Particularly in poorer parts of the world where people look considerably different than their adorable children. It's this fundamentally racist condescension that makes me really want to unload on the UN advocates of abortion that specialize in mass marketing the procedure to poor, underdeveloped nations.

Veneman steps in, with Kofi Annan's tacit acquiesence, to do the best she can to stop a moral tragedy. In this case, it's to quietly stop the practice and euphemistically call it "irrelevant". Accepting 1/2 a loaf and calling it gradual progress.

The logical part of my mind tells me to take it and be happy. The stratergery's working and the ball is incrementally moving towards the right set of goal posts here. Namely, as revolting as it sounds to call abortion "irrelevant" to a child's welfare, this will end up reducing the number of abortions being performed.

There's another part of me that really wishes someone would actually pay. Other than US taxpayers, that's never been the case with the UN. It's probably part of waging a peaceful struggle to forego vengeance in return for the cessation of a hostile wrong. However, "irrelevant" is just not the way that this should be described somehow.


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