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Tuesday, January 25, 2005

The Unannounced Candidate

Few people doubted that Hillary Clinton harbored ambitions far beyond the Junior Senatorship of New York State. Her husband served as her co-President for two terms back in the 90's and she developed a taste for the power and the lifestyle the way bruised and muddy rugby players take to The Golden Beverage. Her activities yeaterday did nothing to change that assesment and in fact, reinforced it for several reasons.

She rose her national profile on The 25th Anniversary on The Roe v. Wade decision that had the practical effect of legalizing abortion throughout the United States. She acted officially on behalf of her party, but primarily, she acted on behalf of her ambitions.

Proposing new political language about abortion rights for an increasingly skittish Democratic Party, Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton said Monday that friends and foes on the issue should come together on "common ground" to reduce the number of "unwanted pregnancies" and ultimately abortions, which she called a "sad, even tragic choice to many, many women." Clinton, in a speech to about 1,000 abortion rights supporters at the state Capitol, firmly restated her support for Roe v. Wade. But then she offered warm words to opponents of abortion and said that faith and organized religion were the "primary" reasons teenagers abstained from sexual relations. -Drudgereport

Her words suggest that she seeks accomodation with, or at least some of the votes of, people who favor restrictions on abortion. Her record provides a different take on the events of her term as Senator. She bats 1.000 according to Planned Parenthood and uses disengenuous rhetoric to obscure that issue.

The New York Times described the speech as an effort to modify the current postion of the Democratic Party. This probably lacks accuracy. She spoke in hopes of changing the perceived position of The Democratic Party on abortion.

Even her primary concessions on the issue, while true, ultimately sidestep the issue of whether abortion should remain a legal practice.

"The fact is, the best way to reduce the number of abortions is to reduce the number of unwanted pregnancies in the first place," Mrs. Clinton said.

At one point, for instance, she drew gasps from some in the audience by mentioning that 7 percent of American women who do not use contraception account for 53 percent of all unintended pregnancies.

Hillary Clinton will say what she needs to say in order to mollify political activists that oppose abortion as a widespread, publically funded practice. She will then continue to legislate in a way that keeps abortion the number one profit center for Planned Parenthood. It's a classic example of Doublespeak and no one with intelligence or discernment should be buying.

Update I: Does Hillary's campaign have opposition already? Sue Bob's Diary suggests maybe yes, and from a source quite close to her.

Update II: This all reminds Vodkapundit of another Clinton's Sistah Soljah moment.

Update III: Rielly at RightVoices reminds Hillary that abortion is an issue where you can't have it both ways.


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