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Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Saddam Insane's Tyrannical Understudy; Hugo Chavez

President Hugo Chavez, like the Ayatollah Khomeni in Iran, came to hold dictatorial power as a result of Former US President Jimmy Carter. However, his behavior since ascending has been more comparable to the Iranian Theocrat's mortal enemy, Former Iraqi Dictator Saddam Hussein. Like Hussein, Chavez's tyranny has been ideological and secular, rather than religious. Also like Hussein, Chavez has used an abundant supply of crude oil as a fulcrum to leverage his power and influence.

Chavez has busied himself using his petrochemical empire to engage in revolutionary destabilization throughout central and South America. He, like Saddam Hussein, has gained in stature amongst the leadership of the world's non-democratic nations by combining strong anti-American rhetoric with financial and military support for leftist revolutionaries. He, like Hussein, hopes that selling oil to Russia and supporting the efforts of Ghadaffi and Fidel Castro will grant him an increased level of power and influence.

Update I: Sue Bob thinks Chavez came up two Budweisers short of a case and also wonders what this idiot will do with his new power and influence.

Also like Hussein, he has left a trail of dead and tortured bodies in the wake of his acension to governance. Aleksander Boyd, of Cubanet, has comprised a list of missing or imprisoned political opponents since Chavez took office. Many were freed, once Carter had blessed off on Chavez's electoral 'landslide'. The following individuals were not as fortunate.

The obvious domestic repression, combined with the support for radical leftist guerrila outfits such as FARC and The Shining Path, and his manipulation of the global oil prices for political ends paint the picture of a dangerous man who means his neighbors and our nation nothing but ill. We've had to use force to deal with a very similar individual and are still dealing with the fallout of letting him sink his corrupt tenticles into an entire nation.

Hugo Chavez's obvious emulation of Saddam Hussein's behavior and ideology add one more piece of evidence to the argument that perhaps the wrong President Bush removed Saddam Hussein and that this dismissal occurred about 12 years too late. Another way to look at it is that anyone doubting the malignant threat posed by Venezualian Dictator Hugo Chavez is to quote Senator Lieberman. "Hiding in a spider-hole of denial."


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