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Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Rattling Cages

The President has done it again. He's publically articulated exactly what he believes in and it will drive the people who intensely dislike him to public hyperbole and many expressions of modish angst. Nothing morally offends like an honest man who insists on seeing the world 180 degrees in aposition to a deeply held point of view. It removes all room for compromise and blurring.

President Bush recently interviewed with The Washington Times and according to Matt Drudge wielded Occam's Razor with his usual blunt tone-deafness to the sensitivities of the perpetually offended. He made two statements that drew pings from the sensationalization radar tower at Drudge Report Central Command.

  • 'I don't see how you can be president without a relationship with the Lord'
  • 'No women in combat'

Certainly, President Bush knows this will drive certain, highly vocal elements of the left to screaming fits. After a news spin cycle that was asi-asi at best, George W. Bush seems to be bating the ACLU to make stupid, ill-advised public statements for the rest of the week. Almost mocking them to say something stupid that can serve as a milestone demarking the extent to which the money and power of The Democratic Party have drifted into leftward deracination.

The first statement challenges the very premise of the secular state. Planting the axiom that no man can lead without practicing followership of the devine rebuts the central premise of the loudest cheerleaders for the secular state. A statement like the one made by George W. Bush undercuts the logic behind enforced secularism. It takes the moral bite out of our modern tolerance with teeth.

Like John Adams' statement that the US Constitution is only fit for a society governed by Christian morality, it takes away from the ability of those who think they are too 'modern' to believe in religion to stay on the fence. The President knows good and well that he just challenged Michael Newdow and his extremist followers to pick up the gauntlet.

The President's second statement wrong-foots a certain segment of the anti-war movement that uses legislative manuevers, as well as protest, to attempt to end the current war in Iraq. No one other than Patricia Schroeder actually wants to see women lock, load and don combat armor. The movement seeks to up the moral cost of a combat operation.

Artificially burdening the executive decision of whether or not the nation should go to war is not a new or original tactic. The Charles Rangel bill to reintroduce the draft had a list of cosponsors who wanted a real return of the draft like most people want three days of influenza symptoms. The entire purpose the bill served was to question the necessity of the Iraqi conflict.

The implicit accusation of measures like the draft bill and the women in combat movement states that if President Bush isn't willing to take the necessary steps to demonstrate that he is really serious. Almost as if he expends soldiers lives on a neoconservative lark. This can only serve the mischief makers to a point.

When run in to the bloody hilt, this win at all costs doctrine demands a certain level of thermonuclear annihilation. I mean if President Bush were really serious, what other choice would he have. Say that, and Congressman Rangel, Congressman Moran and the rest of the Greek Choir accussing George W. Bush and Donald Rumsfeld of being "chicken hawks" would recoil in horror the second they believed the suggestion was seriously tendered and based upon their suggested graveman.

The President has sat down with The Washington Times and with his characteristic, disarming simplicity, baited a duplicious trap for the ideologues of the left. Metering the extent to which The Democrats have learned from their discomfiture last November will be possible by what degree their leadership gets impelled to go forth and flail in response to two seemingly offhand comments from George W. Bush that wound up "flashed" atop the masthead over at The Drudge Report. The election may be over outside of Washington State, but in Washington DC, the stratergery never ends.


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