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Monday, January 24, 2005

Publish The Tract And Let The Audience Decide

I'm all in favor of Doubleday Publishing publishing, selling and profiting off of The Al Queda Reader. I also don't think this will help Osauma's cause. However, there are some who fear that the publication of this book will humanize the enemy. Sort of a written verion of Tokyo Rose, if you will.

I have the opposite opinion. I believe anyone that sits down and reads Osauma's deepest thoughts will close the book convinced that this man is an utter whack-job. I may be wrong. He may have something special and profound to say that Marx, Hitler and Ted Krycinski did not. I think that historical evidence bears my point of view out and that based on past philosophical treatises from ideological mass murderers, people who have a strong enough stomach to care what Osauma believes will find him utterly repulsive.

Das Kapital stayed in print for over a century. In fact, it has outlived most of the Marxist governments that claimed it as an unofficial, secular tome of holiness. It made whatever points that could be made on behalf of Marxian governance with far greater elquence than Nikita Krushev's shoe-banging.

When I studied Marxian Economics in college, Kapital was the text. After suffering through all three volumes, I have yet to vote for anyone to the left of George W. Bush. Presenting and publishing Marx's ideals and even teaching them to young adults in a college classroom did not lead to Soviet victory in The Cold War.

Adolf Hitler wrote Mien Kampf to glorify his rise to power and convince people he was right. People read this book now and wonder how anyone in Wiemar Republic Germany could have voted for the monster. The book convinced no one that Hitler was a philosophical genius, but rather of the opposite.

The Unabomber created quite the stir when he refused to surrender to authorities until his manifesto was printed. What a stem-winder of a screed it was! It took a Harvard education to have written the thing. It doesn't take a room full of PhD pyschologists to figure out the man was in the woods too long. Evil Industrial Society found The Unabomber a comfortable padded cell. He's still waiting on the revolution.

When Doubleday introdues The World According To Wahabbi Whack-Jobs, it won't be pretty. It also won't win over any converts or make Osauma a host of new friends. I seriously doubt the youth of modern America will run out and emulate the youth of the 1960's over Osauma's Little Red Book.

If anything, after the disinformation campaign by Michael Moore, Goerge Soros and a legion of others, this book will be a refreshing reminder. A refreshing reminder of how creepy these people really are and why we fight The Global War On Terror.

Update I: The Libertarians at Brainwash want Osauma's ideas out there as well. Perhaps for a different motive, but still....


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