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Thursday, January 06, 2005

Opportunity Knocks At The Boxer Rebellion

Barbara Boxer should know better. Barak Obama, Hillary Clinton and Harry Reid all three had better political instincts. The latter three have stayed out of the blast radius during the So-Called Democratic Party's latest self-immolation fest. It's not that Senator Boxer will face a difficult election challange in the forseeable future, but she should have the desire and acumen to inspire respect once she gets into office.

Instead she's chosen to grandstand. She has officially challanged the electoral college votes cast from The Great State of Ohio. She and an unwashed bevy of DU spambots have declarde George W. Bush redefeated in a display of puerility that only gets matched in Washington by the Sports Page of The Washington Post after the Redskins lose another one to the hated Dallas Cowboys. It seems that folks inside The Capital Beltway don't take kindly to geting thumped by Texans.

So this display of denial and whining presents the GOP a gift-wrapped oportunity. It seems that another election race in November went far closer to the wire than the Presidential one and the voting procedures bear far greater scrutiny. This was the Governor's Race in The State of Washington and prior to the display of purblind myopia by Senator Boxer and a host of non-entities in The House of Misrepresentation, it was basically off limits to reasoned congressional debate. This was a state affair, not a national one.

Now that Ohio has been dragged unfairly into the national spotlight, the issue could be much better explored if we had a few data points to compare to it. If, for example, a major urban area ends up with more ballots cast than it has registered voters, maybe that should be a standard for whether or not vote fraud has taken place. And yet, when the GOP complains about the unfairness of it all, the Washington State Democratic Party calls it another example of the GOP attack machine.

It seems Senator Boxer wants a recount done in Ohio. Perhaps the recount done in Washington, where only certain counties were recounted, but others were not, should be held up as an example of how not to properly organize these audits of popular preference.

Also, there is the issue of exactly how many recounts should be authorized. Should the votes be recounted once, or until the party currently holding the governor's mansion gets the result it wants. These issues should all be resolved before The State of Washington inaugurates its next governor elect.

Today's exercise in Senatorial naval-circumspection gives the GOP an excellent opportunity to make these points over and over and over again. We should all thank Barbara Boxer for presenting this opportunity. Should Senator Frist use it to the hilt, I'm sure Christine Gregoire won't be penning Senator Boxer a thank you note.

Update I: Cold-Hearted Truth points out the obvious paradox between the sancrosanct 218 vote margin they enjoy in Washington State and the suspect 110,000 vote margin George W. Bush racked up in OHIO. Somewhere Niel Young must be toning up his whining vocal chords for another rendition.

Update II: Right Voices carries a list of other idiots who also have protested Ohio's vote count. Notice the conspicuous absence of John F. Kerry from that list.

Update III: Wizbang notices that not even The Daily Kos reaches the level of deracination of Barbara Boxer's latest fumble in the shadow of her own goalposts.


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