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Thursday, January 27, 2005

The New "Show Me State", Arizona

If Congressman Tom Tancredo wants to jump start his border security coalition and succeed in his aim to make the US Government take patrolling our borders seriously, the State of Arizona has given him the marquee idea with which he should proceed. They have passed a law that requires potential voters to demonstrate their US citizenship before they cast their vote.

Of course this has singed the overly sensitive, who have reflexively described this law as a violation of The Civil Rights Act. In a way, this response just back-handed well over 1 million tax-paying, flag-waving, voting Arizona citizens who, by virtue of their parental ancestory, just happen to not be of caucasian ancestory.

Here goes the So-Called Democratic Party's whine on this issue. You can decide if their all as bigoted as Senator Klansman of West Virginia.

A civil-rights group and Democratic legislators recently had urged the Department of Justice (news - web sites) to reject the law. They argued the changes will erect barriers that will hinder minorities' participation in elections and hamper grassroots voter registration drives.

I'd bet a solid chunk of pocket change that well over 90% of the minorities I've known throughout my life were US citizens. That's after I've lived in Central Texas for three and a half years of my life and in Los Angeles for a couple of more. I think that this slur against Hispanics by The So-Called Democratic Party is just as obnoxious as accusing all Mexicans of being lazy or just here for the welfare.

There really needs to be an end to the double standard of what public statements and policy actions get ascribed to racist beliefs. The So-Called Democratic Party should be called on the carpet for their incessant bigotry the same way Trent Lott got deservedly dogged out for his.

Update I: The bloggers at Right Voices also wonder why minorities are specifically effected by this law.

Update II: Michelle Malkin praises a protest at The University of North Texas over America's lax borders.

Update III: Sean Hackbarth introduces a rather painfully obtuse liberal response to Prop 200.


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