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Monday, January 24, 2005

Maureen Dowd - All Smarm, No Point.

Maureen Dowd, as many of you have probably surmised, is no real fan of President Bush or anyone in his administration. She really isn't a fan of very much, except for perhaps, Sam Cooke and surprisingly Lawrence Summers. At least she found Summers a convenient jumping off point into her attack on Condelizza Rice.

Maureen, while taking a sabatical from The Sandia Laboratory to pen a few columns for The New York Times, suggests that Condi brush up on her math skills. An amusing anecdote from a woman who thinks 32 years after the Roe v. Wade decision minus the 50 million abortions since is a positive contribution to society. If you took the square root of that figure, and that's ok, Maureen's a wiz at those imaginary numbers, it would still kind of suck.

According to the mighty Doctor Dowd,

She can't do simple equations. She doesn't even know that X times zero equals zero. If you multiply 1,370 dead soldiers times zero weapons of mass destruction, that equals zero achievement for Rice, who helped the president and vice president bamboozle America into war.

Ad then there's this piece of snarkdom...

Her geometry is skewed if she thinks she'll now be more powerful than Rummy and Dick Cheney. Doesn't she know that the Pentagon has more sides than her Texas triangle with George and Laura?

I can't help but wonder if there's anything at all about triangles that Maureen didn't learn from Catherine Zeta Jones. What an under-handed cheap shot. She not only questions Rice's qualifications (not at all untoward if Maureen had an intellectual graveman from whence to do so), but she also accuses Condi of sleeping her way to the top. Something Maureen would have done herself, but when it came down to it, a younger leading lady stole her part.


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