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Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Barbara Boxer - She Has To Be A GOP Plant

I've run out of rational explanations for Barbara Boxer. She defies the term rationality. Her deracination eclipses the usual pompous, out of touch lunacy resplendant inside the Capital Beltway. She is unique and I personally hope Quality Control required the mold broken from which she was originally cast.

Somewhere in a confirmation hearing that occurred on Planet Barbara, Condelizza Rice described the Southeast Asian Tsunami as an opportunity while responding to questions posed by Senator Voinavich. A mere Earthling combs the transcript of Voinovich's questions for Dr. Rice and cannot find any refernece to the tsunami. The Senator never asked her about it in the first place.

A few days earlier, Condelizza Rice had said the following:

"I do agree that the tsunami was a wonderful opportunity to show not just the US government, but the heart of the American people, and I think it has paid great dividends for us," she said. - Agency France Presse.

This brings up two points. One, Condelizza Rice simply points out that the tsunami relief effort gives us an opportunity to do good and secondly, this was days before Senator Voinovich ever questioned her in a Senate confirmation hearing. And then there is the manner in which Senator Boxer interprets Dr. Rice's statement....

"And if you're going to become the voice of diplomacy, this is just a helpful point. When Senator Voinovich mentioned the issue of tsunami relief, you said -- your first words were The tsunami was a wonderful opportunity for us. Now, the tsunami was one of the worst tragedies of our lifetime, one of the worst, and it's going to have a 10-year impact on rebuilding that area. I was very disappointed in your statement. I think you blew the opportunity. You mentioned it as part of one sentence. And I would hope to work with you on this, because children are suffering; we're worried they're going to get in the sex trade. This thing is a disaster -- a true natural disaster and a human disaster of great proportions. And I hope that the State Department will take a huge lead under your leadership in helping those folks in the long range." -Barbara Boxer

My only theory of how Senator Boxer came to be prominent is the following. Years ago, Goerge Bush's father, Carl Rove, George Soros and several high ranking corporate officials met in secret at a Masonic Lodge in some undisclosed location. The corporate officials were all bankers and lawyers with coincidental ties to Bildenburg, Germany. They had to come up with a way to so thoroughly discredit The Democratic Party that these people could in no way threaten The New World Order.

Not even Michael Dukakis and Jimmy Carter had been disasterous enough to really stifle the opposition. They had to infiltrate the organization and place a mole so disasterous to The Democrats so that they would never be viewed in a favorable light again. So there you have it folks, Barbara Boxer is trained to be that stupid.

Carl Rove, the Energy traders at Enron and The Illuminati all got together and planned the ascendance of Barbara Boxer as a way to undermine any prestige and respect The Democratic Party may have still maintained. It's stratergery, and it's the only explanation I can come up with to logically justify Barbara Boxer's job performance. Unless, of course, she really is, to quote Ayn Clouter, an individual "for whom The Bell Curve tolls."

Update I: Boi From Troy admires both of Barbara Boxer's IQ points.

Update II: According to The New York Times, the rest of the Senate should be.... more like Barbara Boxer?!?!?!

Update III: LaShawn Barber knows a LOSER when she sees one.

Update IV: QandO stand bemused as Barbara Boxer explains to Condelizza Rice why George W. Bush went to war in Iraq.

Update V: If anyone really cares, Wizbang points out that Barbara Boxer's phone number is busy. That would seem contradictory, given that in her case, the lights are on, but nobody is usually home.


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