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Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Pearl Harbor As DNC Agitprop

Democratic National Committee Chairman Terry McAuliffe had the following to say in memorial of Pearl Harbor.

"While we as a nation are united in this fight, there are clearly deep divisions within the Republican Party, divisions that are impeding our fight against terrorism," he said.

"Moving forward, it is my sincere hope that the Republicans running Washington will stop playing their political games and start fighting for the American people, just as our honored veterans did 63 years ago."

This revolting cheapness reveals a level of deracination and total unconcern for anything accept power and facile, temporary advantage that has left The Democrats the minority party since 2004. McAuliffe shouldn't apologize to anyone. His retraction would be no more sincere than his use of a historical tragedy to advance his partisan agenda.

Visitors to The USS Arizona at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii will see a sign telling them to treat the memorial with reverance for they are about to walk upon hallowed ground. Terry McAuliffe probably wouldn't even care if he was buried in hallowed ground.

Update I: For more appropriate and moving tributes to the brave sailors killed 63 years ago, see Michelle Malkin's Pearl Harbor Post.


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