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Monday, December 27, 2004

The Denazification Of The American Left

The Democratic Party still has a number of intelligent people at work to advance its cause. These people woke up after Election 2004 with a case of heartburn that Maalox wouldn't put down. They realized that their party had gone too far towards the fringes to win even when they had the news of the world on their side.

The Democrats entered 2004 with a golden opportuninty. They were running against a candidate that had presided over the start of a major war, a net loss of jobs, a declining equities market and country that had been hit with a military strike more lethal than the attack on Pearl Harbor. Things looked really good for The Party of Jefferson and Jackson until the public heard who they were running for office and what their party members actually believed.

Then America got to know Dr. Dean and Demented Dennis. They saw Al Sharpton on stage being treated like a man with legitimate gravitas. They got to watch John Edwards perform his flim-flam routine time and time again.

This, in and of itself, would not have done the Democrats in. The Republicans allow nut-jobs and charletans their moment in the sun as well. Allowing Dennis Kucinich and Howard Dean to speak at their convention only equals the malfeasance of the GOP handing a microphone to Patrick J. Buchanon.

What really put the Democrats in a strait-jacket was the actual people who care about their party and run its grass roots. These people actually believed Fahrenhiet 9-11 and appreciated all the hard work turned in by Michael Moore. These people actually joined and like the haters of capitalist greed that they are, gave George Soros money. For their next fool's errand they drag a few bags of coal to Newcastle.

The Democrats did run a few candidates that could have beaten George W. Bush and probably by a wide margin after he kowtowed to the AARP with the infamous Prescription Drug Panderation Act and to big labor with the Steal Tariff of 2003. An incumbant that urinates on his base vote should have been fodder for Joe Lieberman, John Kerry or Richard Gephardt.

This was where the good, committed, liberal Democrats rode to the rescue of the Republican Party. When Hatred-Powered Howard Dean was unsure the capture of Saddam Hussein was a positive contribution to the world, Joe Liebermann was smart enough to tell Howard The Quack that he was "hiding in a spider-hole of denial." The rank-and-file Democratic activist wasn't quite bright enough to figure this out and rode Joe Liebermann out of the race on a rail.

After chasing Gephardt and Liebermann out of their nationwide Phish Concert acid test, the radical left then made sure the candidates still in the mosh pit were only slightly less deracinated than Dennis Kucinich was with his Grandfather Twilight endorsement. When John Kerry attempted to make somewhat aggressive noises on fighting terrorists, the activists made darn well sure he voted against the $87 Billion to fight the war.

There are people out there who care a lot about the Democrats and want them to get out of left-hand ditch and back on the road to making a positive contribution to society. However, these poor, benighted individuals have to denazify the American Left. They need to convince their activists that Grandfather Twilight will not be leading an army of Ents to the polls in 2008. Unless, of course, Pat Buchanon gets the nomination and they mistake him for Saruman, the Evil Grand Wizard.

The Peter Beinarts, Joe Liebermans and others who want the Democrats to compete well are not really bad people, but they are dangerous. I'm not sure George W. Bush would have won without MoveOn.Gore. In fact, I'm not sure W would ever have been President without Al Gore.

It is for this reason, that I very strongly hope Howard Dean gets the nod as Chairman of The Communist Party, I mean DNC. The Denazification of the American Left has got to fail. Only Hatred-Powered Howard can save the GOP from its own mediocrity and corruption and keep leftism out of power in America.
Update I: Right Voices lists New Year's Resolutions for The So-Called Democratic Party. Denazification didn't make the list. They'll still basically suck and the GOP will still feel entitled to perpetual power until the Dems or someone else get serious about providing principled opposition.

Update II: Ricky is another blogger who gets what the Dems need. He's a scary and worthy adversary.


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