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Thursday, November 18, 2004

The Nuts Among Us!

I taught High School Math for a while. It's hard to get the kids locked in and paying attention. A good teacher always offers a gimmick or two to spice a dull classroom session.

A teacher in Manchester, England has taken it a step too far. She predicted the emminent demise of her students. Some would call this the sort of wishful thinking a fly on the wall may overhear in the faculty lounges. Instead, it was a rather dorky profecy that the world was ending. Her rather infamous lecture went as follows:

Saying she had bad news, the teacher announced that a meteor would strike the Earth in 10 days' time, and that they should return home and say their "final farewells" to their parents.

After the crowd of 13- and 14-year-olds looked on in horror, and many burst into tears, the teacher swiftly explained that she was only trying to encourage them to "seize the day".

Perhaps the school should show a sense of humor and terminate her contract 10 days from today. After all, she sure had some of students convinced.

"Some of the children were 100 percent convinced they were going to die," the father of one child told the paper.

"God only knows what this teacher thought she was doing."


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