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Monday, November 22, 2004

Meanwhile In The Ivory Coast

The video has a sort of Blair Witch Project quality to it and the audio is worse than what you'd get at a Whitesnake Concert. However, you can obviously see what goes on when The French Army makes nice and condescends to the poor Africans by keeping peace.

The Africans rallied against the French, and chanted slogans. The French responded with automatic weapon fire. They mowed them down like they were not even human. The videotape is heart-breaking. It makes anything Kevin Sites ever photographed look pathetic.

Maybe it's a good thing the French aren't helping us by "pacifying" Iraq in the same way they operate in The Ivory Coast. So many of the people the French shot were women. They have no dignity, no chivalry, no class. It's sad that barbarians such as The French are allowed to keep their armies.

Update I: Sue Bob's Diary runs a self-congratulatory self-defense from Kevin Sites. I invite Kevin to go cover The French Army in Africa. I wonder how Jacques CHirac would like inbeds.

Update II: Wizbang asks for comments on The Kevin Sites affair. I offer the Ivory COast massacre as an exercise in compare and contrast.

Update III: Rusty Shackleford doesn't ask for comments, Biotch. He tells you your opinion on Kevin Sites. He is, afterall, Blogfather of The Blog Pimp Alliance.

Update IV: Dean offers his sardonic take on the morally superior French. Mon Dieu, Monseur Chirac!

Update V: Captain's Quarters asks us to see the larger context in which the Fallujah shooting occurred. I do my best to help him by sharing the film clip. He runs an excellent blog.


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