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Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Kenneth Knows The Frequency Now

CBS Uber-Anchor Dan Rather has elected to step down. The time has come and he's recognized fate when it struck him soundly between the eyes. He also claims that the hoohah over the Bush Memo Story had nothing to do with his decision, which is totally ludicrous.

Unlike King Lear who stayed well past his prime, Dan Rather has added up the score. Rather has forced himself to admit the truth and accept that the game has passed him by. With that stunning admission, from a man who expected to dominate the media world for another ten years, an era of media dominance has ended.

The king stepped down when the world he claimed to rule changed. His efforts to pawn Bill Burkett's false National Guard memo off as legitimate were rebuffed by a hornet's nest of angry bloggers. The media world had changed.

Dan Rather had no answer for it. It was time for him to go. He did what remained his last option. He stepped down and walked away. His departure will have repurcussions. Democratic Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez gives us a surprisingly honest appraisal of those repurcussions below.

SANCHEZ: I agree with Jesse. I agree with my colleague. I believe that we made mistakes. The media certainly is not in our hands any longer, and, in particular, radio talk shows where that is completely in the opposition's hands, and they use it effectively against us.

BLITZER: But, Loretta, when you say the media -- when you say the media is not in your hands, are you saying that ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN are hostile to Democrats?

SANCHEZ: No, that's not what I said. I'm saying that -- if you would let me finish -- that the majority of people are now receiving a lot of their information out of radio. And the radio isn't in the hands of the Democrats anymore.

Hat Tip - Wizbang

Update I - Varifrank channels Rudyard Kippling in his very fitting epitaph for the anchormanship of Gunga Dan.


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