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Thursday, November 18, 2004

In The Child's Best Intrest

There is obviously no requirement that a judge actually show good judgement. The recent decision made by a judge in Saint Paul, Minnesota wins him a KOTM Dumb-Ass Medal. Bravo Judge Joseph T. Carter! You've just awarded a convicted and registered sex offender custody of a ten year old girl.

The people in the judge's circuit were also less than impressed with the decision.

"It's outrageous they didn't do more in terms of investigating," said Gail Chang Bohr, executive director of the Children's Law Center of Minnesota. "It's very tragic. It's not what we should be doing for kids. The question is, did anyone try to find out from the child if she felt happy and safe?"

An elegant understatement if there ever was one. But it seemed necessary, given the mental capacity displayed by the Judge Carter.

In May, Carter awarded Farnsworth custody of his biological daughters, concluding that Farnsworth provided a "stable, satisfactory environment for the children."

This seems earily reminiscent of what Sean Penn said about Saddam Hussein. Maybe Joseph Carter could go help Dhimmi Carter certify Hugo Chavez's next reelection as fair and democratic.

Thankfully, the reprobate father is now finding out what his fellow inmates think of pedophiles. Maybe Judge Carter should make him a prison trustee. Or maybe not. Maybe Judge Carter should resign instead.


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