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Monday, November 01, 2004

A Divided Nation? No Way!

Jen Nelson of the San Francisco Chronicle wrote an exceptional article that I believe deserves further commentary (see link in post title). While the article contains a strong and compelling endorsement of George W. Bush for President, it does also make a highly valid point that everyone, regardless of political inclination, should take to heart regarding Election 2004. A bunch of us may not agree on who to vote for tommorrow, but in no way is the United States a divided nation.

I'll cite myself as an example. I long ago mailed in my absentee ballot for my list preferences in the November election. I consider this particular part of my civil duty taken care of. I'm not shy as to which candidate for president I happened to vote for. I voted for Bush.

Some of my coworkers have also taken the opportunity to exercise their rights as well. I garruntee everyone that if we passed around a sheet of paper and took a poll, our office would not be unanimous in who we preferred in The White House. However, that constitutes a difference of political opinion to me, not a division of good versus evil.

As someone who works around people who disagree with me by 180 degrees on politics, I feel very lucky to have known and worked with some of these individuals. In fact, aside from the political differences, I tend to find myself having a great deal in common with most of them. When it comes to the politics, we all just pay our nickle and make our choice as well as we possibly can.

As Jen Nelson put it,

Though it would be nice to return to a day when our political culture -- and our society in general -- was less antagonistic and more genteel, we shouldn't sugarcoat history. Voters have always felt strongly about the candidate of their choice, and this country has survived bitter divisions in the past. The question is, Are we willing to put the negativity behind us after the election is over -- no matter which candidate is the victor? - SFGATE

I would hope very much that most of us could answer yes to the question above. If most of us actually can, we are not a devided nation. We are a highly advanced and civilized nation that settles things in a decent way. We vote, we don't shoot one another. No politboro selects our next leader, we do.

Our fundamental debate that reccurs every four years is not a sign of division. Almost without exception, we settle this like mature adults. We can disagree and still walk away a unified whole.

That, my friends, is not division. That is enlightment. That is America. Go out there tommorrow and celebrate your right to vote your conscience. Regardless of who wins tommorrow we remain forever the bright and shining city on the hill.


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