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Thursday, November 11, 2004

Dhimmi Carter Can't Be Worthless Enough!

Retirement should provide a hard-working and successful person an opportunity to rest. That individual should appreciate their leisure and realize that it's someone else's turn to carry the burdens and sweat under the limelight. Lacking anymore euphemistic ways to say this, I'll just unload. "Dhimmi Carter! shut your obnoxious pie-hole."

Today Dhimmi Carter eulogized deceased killer, thug and malefactor of the worst description Yassir Arafat as follows:

Former US President Jimmy Carter called Yasser Arafat “a powerful human symbol and forceful advocate” who united Palestinians in their pursuit of a homeland.

“Yasser Arafat’s death marks the end of an era and will no doubt be painfully felt by Palestinians throughout the Middle East and elsewhere in the world,” Carter said.

“He was the father of the modern Palestinian nationalist movement. A powerful human symbol and forceful advocate, Palestinians united behind him in their pursuit of a homeland,” he said in a statement distributed by his Atlanta, Georgia-based Carter Center.

If Ghaddafi and Zaraquawi are fortunate, Carter will remain on the eulogy circuit when they kick the bucket as well. Maybe he can praise "The Big Z" for decorating the freeway overpasses leading into downtown Fallujah.

If Arafat were allowed to rot in peace, I would feel no reason to mention his name. His spirit will certainly inhabit the Land of Mordor where the shadows lie. No rational human being will mourn his passing. That leaves Dhimmi Carter out there talking about what a swell lad Yassir Arafat was towards everyone who knew him. He identifies Arafat's endearing qualities with the same sharp eye he used to certify Hugo Chavez's election victory in Venezuela.

As Jimmy gets on towards life's distant finish line and the sun sets at last over the final horizon of his days, he should look homeward and return to Plains, Georgia. The place has been missing it's village idiot ever since Dhimmi set sail for Annapolis, Maryland.

Update I - Captain's Quarters views a variety of speeches on Arafat's death. He sees the passing of Yassir as a Rorshach Test.

Update II - Yes, according Spoons Experience, Dhimmi really praised Yassir Arafat for 'providing indespensible leadership to a revolutionary movement.'


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