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Thursday, November 18, 2004

Cartoons By Cretins

Cartoonist/Sick Boy Ted Rall has finally reaped the rewards of his own profound stupidity. It seems the Washington Polemnic has shown him the door. It wasn't for mocking the recently killed Pat Tillman. It wasn't for offering the theological insight that Ronald Reagan was in hell 24 hours after President Reagan expired.

Finally, Ted Rall had to go after the poor disabled students. He shows them taking over a classroom as a metaphor for what he believes happened in the last election. The Meatmen never really made it big with their song Crippled Children Suck from their less than talented album We're The Meatmen and You Suck. Ted Rall has descended to their level and finally generated the contempt he richly deserves.

Update I: Michelle Malkin introduces us to the work of Rall's fellow traveler in tasteless wastes, Pat Oliphant.

Update II: Captain's Quarters joins the celebration of Ted Rall's discomfiture. He also links to the revolting piece of 'art' that got Ted Rall relieved of his duties.


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