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Sunday, October 10, 2004

We Can't Pack It In Vs. The Terrorists

A common misconception that pervades arguments over the War On Terror holds that if we just pulled our troops out of the Middle East, the war would end because we would no longer project an abrasive presence into their part of the world. This contention seems supported by the words of Osauma Bin Ladin, who claimed his causus bellum for sending Al Quaida operatives against the United States was the continued US military presence in Kuwait and Suadi Arabia. If this line of reasoning was accurate, than a withdrawl of US forces from the Middle East would be a logical step that would help form a peaceable world. John Kerry would appear prescient rather than pathetically dishonest.

However, we would have to do far more to effect an acceptable surrender in the War On Terror. The United States would remain hated and warred against for generations, even if we took our forces out of the Middle East tomorrow. Our culture sharpens the hatred we our subjected to by Islamnic fundamentalists even when our military forces are hundreds or thousands of miles away from the local Madrassa School. The very idea of a pluralistic, multicultural, polyglotinous democracy where people are given vast control over their own destinies serves as an anathema to the terrorists who wage war against us today.

In order to surrender to the Muslim Fundamentalists in a way that they would accept, we would have to take the following steps so that they would not see American culture as a bullying intrusion.

  1. Withdraw our armed forces from any part of the world they saw as a geopolitical zone of interest. This would prove difficult because Islam is an aggressively evangelical religion that preaches that unbelievers must be converted by the point of the sword if necessary. There really wouldn't be much we could do outside of our national borders that wouldn't be deemed as immediate causus bellum.
  2. Shut down our ability to broadcast our cultural messages more loudly that they could. Hollywood would have to make it's movies in accordance with Islamnic Law. Madonna would have to shoot her next music video wearing a burka. To do otherwise would become causus bellum because we were broadcasting heresy.
  3. Cease and desist from influencing clothing styles and other fashions in ways that diverge from acceptable Muslim Law. In otherwords, we would pretty much have to let Osauma start dressing us funny, or else it would be interpreted as cultural imperialism and would again be perceived in The Middle East as causus bellum.
  4. Speeches and writings would have to have a certain 'purity' about them, or else we would end up having fatwas issued against these authors and orators. We would have to treat all of our iconoclasts the way the Iranian Clerics treated Salmon Rushdie. I wonder how much Don Imus would like George W. Bush if he actually surrendered to these whinging pricks?

So there we basically have it. The radical Muslim Fundamentalists will hate us for who we are whether our military fights their acts of barbarism or not. We can't make these people abide the existence of The United States of America via diplomacy any more than Andrew Sullivan could convince Gerry Falwell to endorse gay marriage over a couple of mocha lattes over at Starbucks.

Therefore, there is no surrender to these sickening theocratic creeps. We must reelect George W. Bush and consign the appeasement candidacy of John F. Kerry to the never-never Howard Dean Land of washed-up, stupid, leftist ideas. We must follow the courageous lead of Australia and Afghanistan and eschew the pathetic example of Spain. The US Presidential Election of 2004 cannot be a platform for cowardly and faint-hearted surrender.


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