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Friday, October 01, 2004

RNC HQ Burglarized

The State of Washington has proven itself once more to be Moonbat Central. A group of militant Bush-Haters has broken into the RNC State Headquarters and stolen intelligence information on the GOP 72-Hour Get Out The Vote Operation.

According to the Seattle Times,

A side window of the office on 112-th Ave. N.E. had been smashed.
Seaton said this morning that the campaign staff was still checking to see if anything else had been stolen.

State Republican Party Chairman Chris Vance called it a "Watergate-style break in" and said he suspects Democrats are behind it.

"If you're just some burglar looking for computers to sell to buy drugs you take every laptop in the office maybe," he said. "But they knew exactly whose computers to get. They got the executive director's computer and the get-out-the-vote director's computer."

The Democrats stated that they empathized with the GOP officials who were burglarized and played no role in the thefts. It must have been those pesky Nadarites....

State Democratic Party spokeswoman Kirstin Brost said Democrats had nothing to do with the break-in.

"I feel really bad. I know how upset I'd be if it happened to us," she said.
"There was nothing for us to gain by stealing those computers. Their secret plan isn't so secret."

This occurs against a backdrop of Bush-Cheney signs being vandalized and phone adds which feature the tired, debunked smear that Bush had a secret plan to revive the draft. While no evidence implicates Democratic Party-Members, the old Latin phrase "Qui bono" certainly applies. Watergate has occurred in the other Washington this time.


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