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Saturday, October 16, 2004

Reptiles, Half-Orcs, Terminators and Lesbians Will Defeat John Kerry In 2004.

I imagine myself sitting in a room somewhere with a group of four other people. One person used to star in action films, take steroids, and chase any skirt that waved in his path before he grew up, married and became more responsible. The next guy drinks like a fish, writes irreverant books and newspaper columns and referred to himself once as "The Republican Party Reptile". The lady across the room from me is openly lesbian, but is still able to reconcile with her powerful, conservative family. The final person sits across from me drinking his coffee and telling us all that he was once a teenage half-orc.

A sixth person now enters the room. This person holds that homosexuality and permiscuity is a sin before the eyes of God. He also feels role-playing games and hard-drinking mixed with an occassional reefer here and there will send you three grid squares closer to perdition. He would probably condemn me and definitely have profound issues with the other four people in the room.

This new person is the reverand Gerry Falwell and despite his loudly-proclaimed good intentions, he really does chap my butt some days.To be very honest with you, I would probably have friction with at least some of the others if I had to stay in this room too long. What could all these people possibly share in common with me or with each other?

Only two very important things. Every single one of these people wants the power and the responsibility for their own lives and own destinies. Also, every single one of them will vote for George W. Bush in 2004. That's what will kill John F. Kerry in Election 2004.

Those who direct their own fate vote for the candidate that will allow them to do so. There are still more doers than slugs in modern America. These doers come from all over the map in terms of geography, demographics, personality and life experience. They will converge November 2, 2004 and reelect George W. Bush to The White House because he is more likely than John F. Kerry to leave them in charge of their own lives.

This is why I'm confident to the point of being sanguine about George W. Bush's chances of winning the Presidential Election in 17 more days. My reasoning is simple. The GOP is willing to grit it's collective teeth and accept a far wider variety of human beings than the Democrats.

One party accepts a philosophical debate, even on the floor of its nominating convention. The other party pushes down the dogma and tells it's robotic followers how to not think through slogans. One party at least tries to work through its differences and come up with a path to govern, the other just tells people to hate the other guy and wait for the handouts.

No party that detests and looks down on half of the American people can possibly accomplish great things while in office. Over half of this country's population is well aware of this fundamental fact. It will be close, but hatred will be rejected. The GOP will pitch a slightly larger pavillion than the Democrats and George W. Bush will be reelected for a second term as US President.


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