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Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Lucky Thirteen

There are more frustrating teams to root for than The Atlanta Braves. Ever since they reclaimed Lonnie Smith from the cocaine rehab slag heap and drafted "The Young Guns" to man their pitching staff, they've dominated regular season Major League Baseball. The Braves have won 13 straight division titles. They've owned The National League East.

This year's run proved especially gratifying. Their starting pitching consists of a veritable over the hill gang. Jaret Wright (15-8, 3.28 ERA), John Thomson (14-8, 3.72) Mike Hampton (13-9, 4.28), and Russ Ortiz (15-9, 4.13 in 204 innings pitched) have all had their glory days elsewhere. Pitching Coach Leo Mazzone makes sure the Braves keep a can of WD-40 in the trainer's kit.

The one remaining hero from Atlanta's first Division Championship Team in the thirteen-year streak in John Smoltz. Smoltz anchors the bullpen and could be making his final run for the roses. His perrenial 40+ saved-games a year run may be reaching the bottom of the ninth.

The experts believe The Houston Astros will dispatch Atlanta early on this post-season. It wouldn't be the first time Team Ted has gone home in time for Halloween Candy. However, the time may be now or never if the Braves want one more shot at a World Series Championship.


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