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Monday, October 04, 2004

Is Iran The Next Domino?

Iran's theocratic 'Republic' has shown tell-tale signs of instability. Michael Ledeen, of NRO, reports that 120 public hangings have occurred since March. That's an awful lot of demonstrative examples. I'm inclined to think a large number of people just are not getting the message.

An organization known as the Student Movement Coordination Committee For Democracy In Iran (SMCCDI) put out the following press release describing their activities.

Several businesses reputed to be linked to the Mullahcracy, and a number of Islamic regime's patrol cars were destroyed or damaged in nightly commando style operations during the last 48 hours. In Tehran alone, unidentified individuals, whom the local residents call "Freedom Fighters," set 26 businesses on fire and destroyed 14 patrol vehicles and were able to escape from the scene unscathed.

Same types of actions have been reported from Shahin Shahr and even the usually peaceful Kashan. Violent means of confrontation with the repressive Islamic regime are alarmingly on the rise, where as more and more, incendiary devices such as Molotov Cocktails, home made grenades, and fire arms are being used by the citizens.

The belief among the populace that the Islamic Republic can not be brought down by "peaceful means" is getting stronger every day.

This constrasts with the bold, swaggering statements of the Iranian regime. Their recent back-handing of US Presidential candidate John Kerry, suggests that the Iranian Mullahs are increasingly invested in the development of a nuclear deterrent as the key to their survival.

When the US Department of Energy wrote it's analysis of Iran, it noted several systemic weaknesses which included the following:

Despite relatively high oil export revenues, Iran continues to face budgetary pressures, a rapidly growing, young population with limited job prospects and high levels of unemployment; heavy dependence on oil revenues; significant (but declining) external debt; high levels of poverty; expensive state subsidies (billions of dollars per year) on many basic goods; a large, inefficient public sector and state monopolies (bonyads, which control at least a quarter of the economy and constitutionally are answerable only to supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei); international isolation and sanctions.

Iran could be the next American victory in the War On Terror. Or it could be the next Prague Spring, a Tienneman Square in a more arid climate. The time for the US to help destabilize Iran's hateful government is now. We have inspired this uprising, we must support it.

We cannot expect to diplomatically improve Iran's behavior. We cannot sit around and wait for them to grow a harvest of mid-range nuclear weapons. Supporting the unrest against The Mullahs today is the most direct way of ending their nuclear program before it reaches fruition tommorrow.


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