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Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Black Death Carriers Have Rights Too!

Eliot Spitzer may believe he is a hero to the common man. He certainly loves to embark on the highly visible crusade. The medieval imagery is suitable, in this case, because his latest stroke of genious may bring back one of the worst features of medieval European History; vermin-bourne illness. His brilliance is described as follows:

THE next time you see rats roaming around public housing units in New York City, think of Attorney General Eliot Spitzer. He and a handful of his colleagues in other states are working hard to make the city's public housing safe — for rats, mice, cockroaches and other city "wildlife."

Working with a collection of green activists, Spitzer and five other state attorneys general recently announced that they might sue the feds for using pesticides in public housing — poor, minority families living in vermin-infested buildings not withstanding. - NY POST

What poor, minority families in NYC projects have done to offend Elliot Spitzer, I don't know. Fortunately, these people have organized on their own behalf. The National Organization of African Americans in Housing (NOAAH) has decried the foolishness of Idiot Spitzer's latest misguided campaign to save the cockroaches.

They have written extensively on their website in support of the intelligent use of pesticides. The money quote follows below.

"The benefits of judicious use of pesticides far outweigh any risks and help slow down the threat to public health," he says. "Consumers do not need to fear being around pesticides when products are being used according to the label." -NOAAH Website.

The US Air Force writes medical manuals detailing the potential diseases its personnel may encounter. According to Air Force Medical Officers at Walter Reed Hospital, there are at least 39 seperate diseases that rodents can infect human beings with. Their manual on rodent-bourne illness, PROTECTION FROM RODENT-BORNE DISEASES, WITH SPECIAL EMPHASIS ON OCCUPATIONAL EXPOSURE TO HANTAVIRUS, makes for fairly grim and unappetisizing reading.

Rats, cockroaches and mosquitoes may bedevil America's poor as they do the best they can to deal with unpleasant and often dangerous housing conditions. However, the most egregious bloodsuckers, rodents and pests are often the ones we vote into office under the premise that they have our best intrests at heart. It would only be fitting if New Yorkers used their ballot like a can of Raid and kill Elliot Spitzer's continued infestation of high elected office dead.


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