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Sunday, October 24, 2004

Voter Fraud - Real Vs. Imagined

Liberal bloggers who either support John F. Kerry or simply detest George W. Bush to the point where Kerry's qualifications for the job of President no longer matter, are accusing the GOP of plotting to steal election 2004.

News Stories such as this...

The Republican challenges in Ohio have already begun. Yesterday, party officials submitted a list of about 35,000 registered voters whose mailing addresses, the Republicans said, were questionable. After registering, they said, each of the voters was mailed a notice, and in each case the notice was returned to election officials as undeliverable.

In Cuyahoga County alone, which includes the heavily Democratic neighborhoods of Cleveland, the Republican Party submitted more than 14,000 names of voters for county election officials to scrutinize for possible irregularities. The party said it had registered more than 1,400 people to challenge voters in that county. (New York Times)

cause the bloggers to make the accusation. They ignore, of course, the underlying reason that the GOP began to suspect the Democrats of voter manipulation. When a liberal political action group pays an employee in crack cocaine to register a list of voters that includes such formidable luminaries as Mary Poppins, we are not supposed to be suspicious in the least. We all should just

What the liberal bloggers don't discuss in detail are similar efforts at disenfranchisement undertaken on behalf of John F. Kerry in the state of FLorida, where early voting has gotten underway.

According to The South Florida Sun Sentinal,

Permits in Palm Beach County show that the SEIU union and other Democratic groups have been holding rallies at early voting locations, where they have a captive audience of voters standing in line.

Elections Supervisor Theresa LePore said the lines are long because voters are brought in by the busload."Special interest groups are trying to whip everybody into a frenzy and get everybody upset," she said. "Campaigns and their observers are confronting the workers and the voters. Things have gotten nasty and ugly."

LePore said the county has an ordinance that forbids interference in county business in the building and they are citing that law to the campaigners. Her attorney has told her that an area at each polling place can be set aside for solicitation so she planned to do so.

LePore said campaign workers followed voters into polling places and handed out literature next to the voting machines. Other voters standing in line were told the machines don't work and that they should vote absentee.

Gisela Salas, deputy elections supervisor in Broward County, said even though early voting "doesn't have that voter solicitation rule, so to speak," her office has posted signs saying "no campaigning beyond this point" and have had cooperation for the most part. Still, there were complaints in Broward.

The antics of pro-Kerry celebrities such as Danny DeVito have angered the GOP.

Republican Lawrence Gottfried, who became a poll watcher in Delray Beach after what he thought was inappropriate behavior at the polls, said the things he saw upset him.Gottfried said that while working at the Delray poll, actor Danny DeVito and his wife, actress Rhea Perlman, showed up.

Gottfried is a fan, but he didn't ask for an autograph."I said, `Look Mr. DeVito, I'm a big fan of yours and Rhea's, but you are blocking the entrance. You're campaigning, you've got a Kerry-Edwards button on, and it's not appropriate."

Gottfried, who used to be a Democrat, said the things he saw were "ridiculous." "There is a time for partisanship and it's OK to have a different point of view, but don't violate the sanctity of the polling area," he said.

This constitues real, no BS, disenfranchisement of registered voters. It should be treated as the federal crime that such an action constitutes. Danny DeVito should find out how it feels to be the little guy in a federal penitentiary.

Update I: The American Mind has offered his thoughts on the "Thugs For Kerry" Shutdown The Vote (STV) Operation in Florida.

Watcher of Weasals -Yet Another Week of Internet Excellence

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Thursday, October 21, 2004

A Modest Proposal - The 1% Rule

Election 2004 may very well still be a street fight at 3:45 in the morning. The polls are varied, but mostly close. Several 'battleground' states are seperated by 1 point or less. One any given day, 50 - 150 electoral votes are from states where the two candidates are within MOE for the most recent quoted poll.

This election may become EVEN WORSE than election 2000; a 269 to 269 Electoral College tie. Gary L. Gregg from NRO describes 6 ways this could happen.

  1. Scenario 1: All states vote the way they did in 2000 except the swing states of New Hampshire and West Virginia that both go to Kerry.
  2. Scenario 2: All other states vote as they did in 2000 except Colorado or Louisiana who vote for Kerry.
  3. Scenario 3: All other states vote as they did in 2000 except Colorado voters vote to split their vote and Kerry takes four of the nine electoral votes and Kerry is also able to win West Virginia.
  4. Scenario 4: All other states vote as they did in 2000 except Colorado voters vote to split their vote and Kerry takes five to Bush's four and Bush wins New Mexico.
  5. Scenario 5: All other states vote as they did in 2000 except Bush picks up Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, and New Mexico but Kerry picks up Colorado, Florida, and West Virginia.
  6. Scenario 6: All other states vote as they did in 2000 except Colorado and Arkansas vote for Kerry while Bush picks up New Mexico and Maine's 2nd Congressional District.

I hope these are mostly far-fetched exercises in recreational mathematics. However, they do point out a problem that the US does not have a consistantly applicable remedy for in the US Constitution. What happens when one of the two political parties feels like they were robbed and decides to haul in a band of lawyers and fight about it?

Here is my suggestion for preventing this problem from cropping up in 2008, when the two major parties duke it out again for all the marbles in the jar.

  1. Establish that any state in which the two leading candidates finish closer than 1% apart in the popular vote be subjected to automatic recount before their electors are allowed to cast their ballot.
  2. Require a Congressional Recount Board consisting of 3 Republicans and 3 Democrats to oversee all post-election recount efforts.
  3. Hire an independent accounting firm to verify all recounts and present a report demonstrating the fairness and validity of that recount.

This may not be perfect, but it would accomplish 2 things.

1) It would give everyone a feeling that the recount was a natural and fair legal procedure, rather than either party's attempt to wrest control of the process rather than live with a legitimate result.

2) It would standardize all recounts conducted and verify that they are thurough, truth-seeking audits, rather than partisan cherry-picking expeditions that only involve searching for votes in the bastions of one party's electoral strength.

For what it's worth, that's my two cents on how to make close elections fair contests rather than snotty lawyer fights. Perhaps by 2008, we will have a system similar to this in place to adjudicate close state vote totals.

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

CNN Rediscovers Pat Robertson

Pat Robertson has once more emerged from the shadows to become part of the political scene. No, he's not on anyone's ticket this year and no, he's not on the 700-Club praying for hurricanes to miss VA Beach in return for full collection plates. He's won some face time on CNN for himself by bashing President Bush 13 days before the election.

The good reverand claims he warned Old W that going to war in Iraq was likely to result in casualties. I'll grant he had a point there. He probably also told the president to take along a towel if he ever went swimming. I'm quite sure President Bush appreciated Pat Robertson's awe-inspiring grasp of the obvious.

What seemed totally awry, is Reverand Robertson's claimsthat President Bush told him there would be no US casualties in Iraq. Even with a lot of rhetorical ammunition dropped in his lap, Kerry Mouthpiece Michael McCurry wasn't entirely filled with belief. His snarky riposte follows below.

"We believe President Bush should get the benefit of the doubt here," Kerry spokesman Mike McCurry said in a news release.

"But he needs to come forward and answer a very simple question: Is Pat Robertson telling the truth when he said you didn't think there'd be any casualties, or is Pat Robertson lying?"

The White House predictably questioned Robertson's memory of the conversation in which the president supposedly denied that US casualties would occur.

"The president never made such a comment," White House press secretary Scott McClellan said.

Pat Robertson eventually got around to endorsing George Bush in a roundabout, drunkard's walk sort of a way.

"Even if he stumbles and messes up -- and he's had his share of stumbles and gaffes -- I just think God's blessing is on him," Robertson said.

With a ringing endorsement like that, I sincerely hope Pat Robertson is not part of GWB's get out the vote brigade.

Thereeza and Dhimmi Carter - Twice The Comedy In One News Cycle

Theresa Heinz-Kerry and Jimmy Carter are here to keep us amused today. We'll begin with Theresa's opinion on the rigors of modern teaching.

From USA Today interview with Teresa Heinz Kerry:

Q: You'd be different from Laura Bush?

A: Well, you know, I don't know Laura Bush. But she seems to be calm, and she has a sparkle in her eye, which is good. But I don't know that she's ever had a real job — I mean, since she's been grown up.

The White House politely provided some additional background. Just to help USA Toady flesh out their story.

From the White House:

Inspired by her second grade teacher, she earned a bachelor of science degree in education from Southern Methodist University in 1968. She then taught in public schools in Dallas and Houston. In 1973 she earned a master of library science degree from the University of Texas at Austin and worked as a public school librarian in Austin [until 1977].

So there you have it teachers and librarians, Theresa Heinz-Kerry thinks that YOU just ride the coattails of others.

Now on to our good friend Dhimmi Carter.....

He was a former US president. Then the American electorate got to know the man.

Gubner Dhimmi seems to think that whole American Revolution thing was senseless bloodshed. If only The British Parliament had been more sensitive. If Prime Minister Townshend and King George III had offered complimentary boxes of Earl Gray to replace all the tea chucked into Boston Harbor, I'm sure Thomas Paine would have settled down and become a prosperous habadasher.

The entire purpose of this inane nonsense is to bash our current President from a position of historical depth and knowledge. It might help if Gubner Dhimmi were to actually read up on 18th Century England. King George III could no more do what Dhimmi Carter wanted than he could have grown an additional head.

The entire concept England's national self-image was driven by it's international empire. The sun was never suppossed to set on it, and His Royal Majesty didn't take guff off of upstart legislatures who operated without his royal charter. Hence Jimmy Carter is about as smart on this as he was on most things. Not Very.

Update I: Sean Hackbarth had this to say about the lovely Thereeza.

Update II: Spoons Experience very, nearly almost changed his vote to Bush, thanks to the fatuous imbecility of Dhimmi Carter.

Update III: Vodkapundit suggests Dhimmi should make like The Blessed Lord and PLEASE go back to carpentry.

Update IV: Captain's Quarters skewers Thereeza.

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Votes For A Free Drug America - Kerry Panders As AlGore Rants

Al Gore visited Goergetown University yesterday and once more through the proverbial kitchen sink at George W. Bush. According to the good folk over at Rueters, Preseident of Vice, Al Gore launched the following verbal polemic.

WASHINGTON—President Bush governs from a “love of power” and right-wing ideology rather than religious beliefs, and he has yet to hold anyone in his administration accountable for mistakes, former Vice President Al Gore said on Monday.

As the campaign by Bush and Democrat John Kerry for president headed into the last stretch before the Nov. 2 election, Gore criticized his rival for the White House four years ago on Iraq and other issues.

“I’m convinced that most of the president’s frequent departures from fact-based analysis have much more to do with right-wing political and economic ideology than with the Bible,” Gore said in a speech at Georgetown University.

“It is love of power for its own sake that is the original sin of this presidency,” he said.

Tip O' The Hat to Blogospherics.

Meanwhile, Democrats in Ohio acted far more like a group of people seeking power for its own sake.....

In Ohio, the state NAACP sank to a new low in its drive for more registered voters. It seems one of their voter registration workers, Goergianne Pitts, payed one Mr. Chad Staton in crack cocaine to falsely register 124 voters. I can think of no lower form of baseless pandering and lust for power than preying on a person's addiction to get them to register fake voters. If George W. Bush is guilty of love of power, his sins are hardly original.

Sunday, October 17, 2004

Watcher Of Weasals - My Quest Continues

I'm out to be head weasal. I'm not stopping until I've ascended to the peak. I will get there, and I'm all prepped for this week's assault on Cheeseburger Hill. This requires four mandatory links to join the fun.

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Meatloaf Vs. Coldplay - Another Reason Bush Will Win

John F. Kerry and George W. Bush bring different and formidable personal assests to bear in their respective efforts to to capture The White House in Election 2004. Both men can perform well in the public forum, but for dramatically different reasons. In the final analysis, it is George W. Bush who will ultimately win over the public after a period of prolonged exposure.

I think of it as the difference between two CDs I purchased to keep me company on a recent road trip. One was Parachutes by Coldplay, the other was Bat Out Of Hell by Meatloaf.

The Coldplay album sounded really smooth and a had a very proficient feel to it. The muscicians really knew what they were doing and had their engineering done by a technical wizard. The album sounded good for one listen.

The second time through the diskette it sounded formulaic and boring. These guys could play well enough to join an orchestra somewhere, but they just didn't sound like there was any deep emotional significance to what they were playing.

The Meatloaf album sounded almost jarring by comparison to Coldplay. None of these guys were joining the Vienna Symphony Orchestra any time soon. The vocals grated, the instrumentation was chaotic. However, after a couple of plays, the CD began to really grow on me.

It was something about the whole concept of "The Wolf With The Red Roses" as a metaphor for a teenage guy out on a date. Highly inelegant, but so true to life. I thought of a wise-crack a coworker of mine made about being a leading member of FADD (Fathers Against Daughters Dating). Perhaps that whole concept of a wolf with red roses led to the founding of that particular organization. Here was a piece of music that connected to something everyone had to deal with in life in one form or another.

Secondly, it became apparant that for all of vocal malapropisms and musical clunkers being hit, these guys were giving it all to put a great album together. There was something of savage beauty in the struggle. Meatloaf was giving every ounce of effort he had in his body to that album and with Meatloaf, that's a very sizeable contribution.

So here's my two cents on how this relates to Election 2004. George W. Bush is analogous to Meatloaf. It ain't sexy, but he's real and he's committed to doing the best he can for all of us. He won't win any more style points than Vince Lombardi's running offense, but he's crudely effective.

John F. Kerry reminded me of Coldplay. Technical perfection, engineering brilliance and total absence of any heart and soul. He's got all the trees plotted on a map somewhere and understands the nuances of each, but if he were left in the woods for a week with Kim Il Jung, he wouldn't have the fire to walk out that forrest alive.

So Kerry's had his good run of debates, he's shown us a superior quality of diction and nuance. He's also shown us he'd rather talk about his mother than his wife when asked about his wife. That, right there, is a global test John F. Kerry just resoundingly flunked.

George W. Bush has shown us he's a dumb old dad. A founding member of FADD. He believes what he believes. It may not sound deeply philosophical or make you think of impressionistic masterpieces, but it represents reality. A reality John F. Kerry, not George W. Bush is detached from. This, in my opinion, will work in George W. Bush's favor, and ultimately push him over the top on election day.

Saturday, October 16, 2004

Reptiles, Half-Orcs, Terminators and Lesbians Will Defeat John Kerry In 2004.

I imagine myself sitting in a room somewhere with a group of four other people. One person used to star in action films, take steroids, and chase any skirt that waved in his path before he grew up, married and became more responsible. The next guy drinks like a fish, writes irreverant books and newspaper columns and referred to himself once as "The Republican Party Reptile". The lady across the room from me is openly lesbian, but is still able to reconcile with her powerful, conservative family. The final person sits across from me drinking his coffee and telling us all that he was once a teenage half-orc.

A sixth person now enters the room. This person holds that homosexuality and permiscuity is a sin before the eyes of God. He also feels role-playing games and hard-drinking mixed with an occassional reefer here and there will send you three grid squares closer to perdition. He would probably condemn me and definitely have profound issues with the other four people in the room.

This new person is the reverand Gerry Falwell and despite his loudly-proclaimed good intentions, he really does chap my butt some days.To be very honest with you, I would probably have friction with at least some of the others if I had to stay in this room too long. What could all these people possibly share in common with me or with each other?

Only two very important things. Every single one of these people wants the power and the responsibility for their own lives and own destinies. Also, every single one of them will vote for George W. Bush in 2004. That's what will kill John F. Kerry in Election 2004.

Those who direct their own fate vote for the candidate that will allow them to do so. There are still more doers than slugs in modern America. These doers come from all over the map in terms of geography, demographics, personality and life experience. They will converge November 2, 2004 and reelect George W. Bush to The White House because he is more likely than John F. Kerry to leave them in charge of their own lives.

This is why I'm confident to the point of being sanguine about George W. Bush's chances of winning the Presidential Election in 17 more days. My reasoning is simple. The GOP is willing to grit it's collective teeth and accept a far wider variety of human beings than the Democrats.

One party accepts a philosophical debate, even on the floor of its nominating convention. The other party pushes down the dogma and tells it's robotic followers how to not think through slogans. One party at least tries to work through its differences and come up with a path to govern, the other just tells people to hate the other guy and wait for the handouts.

No party that detests and looks down on half of the American people can possibly accomplish great things while in office. Over half of this country's population is well aware of this fundamental fact. It will be close, but hatred will be rejected. The GOP will pitch a slightly larger pavillion than the Democrats and George W. Bush will be reelected for a second term as US President.

Sunday, October 10, 2004

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We Can't Pack It In Vs. The Terrorists

A common misconception that pervades arguments over the War On Terror holds that if we just pulled our troops out of the Middle East, the war would end because we would no longer project an abrasive presence into their part of the world. This contention seems supported by the words of Osauma Bin Ladin, who claimed his causus bellum for sending Al Quaida operatives against the United States was the continued US military presence in Kuwait and Suadi Arabia. If this line of reasoning was accurate, than a withdrawl of US forces from the Middle East would be a logical step that would help form a peaceable world. John Kerry would appear prescient rather than pathetically dishonest.

However, we would have to do far more to effect an acceptable surrender in the War On Terror. The United States would remain hated and warred against for generations, even if we took our forces out of the Middle East tomorrow. Our culture sharpens the hatred we our subjected to by Islamnic fundamentalists even when our military forces are hundreds or thousands of miles away from the local Madrassa School. The very idea of a pluralistic, multicultural, polyglotinous democracy where people are given vast control over their own destinies serves as an anathema to the terrorists who wage war against us today.

In order to surrender to the Muslim Fundamentalists in a way that they would accept, we would have to take the following steps so that they would not see American culture as a bullying intrusion.

  1. Withdraw our armed forces from any part of the world they saw as a geopolitical zone of interest. This would prove difficult because Islam is an aggressively evangelical religion that preaches that unbelievers must be converted by the point of the sword if necessary. There really wouldn't be much we could do outside of our national borders that wouldn't be deemed as immediate causus bellum.
  2. Shut down our ability to broadcast our cultural messages more loudly that they could. Hollywood would have to make it's movies in accordance with Islamnic Law. Madonna would have to shoot her next music video wearing a burka. To do otherwise would become causus bellum because we were broadcasting heresy.
  3. Cease and desist from influencing clothing styles and other fashions in ways that diverge from acceptable Muslim Law. In otherwords, we would pretty much have to let Osauma start dressing us funny, or else it would be interpreted as cultural imperialism and would again be perceived in The Middle East as causus bellum.
  4. Speeches and writings would have to have a certain 'purity' about them, or else we would end up having fatwas issued against these authors and orators. We would have to treat all of our iconoclasts the way the Iranian Clerics treated Salmon Rushdie. I wonder how much Don Imus would like George W. Bush if he actually surrendered to these whinging pricks?

So there we basically have it. The radical Muslim Fundamentalists will hate us for who we are whether our military fights their acts of barbarism or not. We can't make these people abide the existence of The United States of America via diplomacy any more than Andrew Sullivan could convince Gerry Falwell to endorse gay marriage over a couple of mocha lattes over at Starbucks.

Therefore, there is no surrender to these sickening theocratic creeps. We must reelect George W. Bush and consign the appeasement candidacy of John F. Kerry to the never-never Howard Dean Land of washed-up, stupid, leftist ideas. We must follow the courageous lead of Australia and Afghanistan and eschew the pathetic example of Spain. The US Presidential Election of 2004 cannot be a platform for cowardly and faint-hearted surrender.

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Lucky Thirteen

There are more frustrating teams to root for than The Atlanta Braves. Ever since they reclaimed Lonnie Smith from the cocaine rehab slag heap and drafted "The Young Guns" to man their pitching staff, they've dominated regular season Major League Baseball. The Braves have won 13 straight division titles. They've owned The National League East.

This year's run proved especially gratifying. Their starting pitching consists of a veritable over the hill gang. Jaret Wright (15-8, 3.28 ERA), John Thomson (14-8, 3.72) Mike Hampton (13-9, 4.28), and Russ Ortiz (15-9, 4.13 in 204 innings pitched) have all had their glory days elsewhere. Pitching Coach Leo Mazzone makes sure the Braves keep a can of WD-40 in the trainer's kit.

The one remaining hero from Atlanta's first Division Championship Team in the thirteen-year streak in John Smoltz. Smoltz anchors the bullpen and could be making his final run for the roses. His perrenial 40+ saved-games a year run may be reaching the bottom of the ninth.

The experts believe The Houston Astros will dispatch Atlanta early on this post-season. It wouldn't be the first time Team Ted has gone home in time for Halloween Candy. However, the time may be now or never if the Braves want one more shot at a World Series Championship.

Return Of The King IV: He's Down, But He'll Never Quit.

Slumping teams find new and even more frustrating ways to kick away ball games. The Washington Redskins took a 10-3 lead, looked dominant and then proceeded to get that big piece of steak lodged squarely in their collective gullet. Clinton Portis has a hard time finding yards and has put the ball on the ground three times. Mark Brunnel has to feel like a pinata behind the much-maligned 'dirt-bag' offensive line.

Coach Gibbs described the daily life of a 1-3 NFL team to perfection after the game:

"Right now, it's penalties, mistakes and turnovers," admitted Gibbs. "We are hurting ourselves, and because of that we are not consistent."

However, the players will not quit on a coach who has three prior Super Bowl victories. Quarterback Mark Brunell spoke like a veteran after the disappointing loss.

"There is no one giving up and nobody is going to point fingers," Brunell said. "We are going to work our way through this, one game at a time, and hopefully get back on track."

The Redskins were a 5-11 squad last year and have a hard slog uphill to get rid of the culture of quitting and accepting defeat. Next, they face Ray Lewis and The Baltimore Ravens Sunday Night in a backyard brawl. They can only hope Star Tailback Jamal Lewis gets suspended for his legal issues between now and Sunday Night.

Black Death Carriers Have Rights Too!

Eliot Spitzer may believe he is a hero to the common man. He certainly loves to embark on the highly visible crusade. The medieval imagery is suitable, in this case, because his latest stroke of genious may bring back one of the worst features of medieval European History; vermin-bourne illness. His brilliance is described as follows:

THE next time you see rats roaming around public housing units in New York City, think of Attorney General Eliot Spitzer. He and a handful of his colleagues in other states are working hard to make the city's public housing safe — for rats, mice, cockroaches and other city "wildlife."

Working with a collection of green activists, Spitzer and five other state attorneys general recently announced that they might sue the feds for using pesticides in public housing — poor, minority families living in vermin-infested buildings not withstanding. - NY POST

What poor, minority families in NYC projects have done to offend Elliot Spitzer, I don't know. Fortunately, these people have organized on their own behalf. The National Organization of African Americans in Housing (NOAAH) has decried the foolishness of Idiot Spitzer's latest misguided campaign to save the cockroaches.

They have written extensively on their website in support of the intelligent use of pesticides. The money quote follows below.

"The benefits of judicious use of pesticides far outweigh any risks and help slow down the threat to public health," he says. "Consumers do not need to fear being around pesticides when products are being used according to the label." -NOAAH Website.

The US Air Force writes medical manuals detailing the potential diseases its personnel may encounter. According to Air Force Medical Officers at Walter Reed Hospital, there are at least 39 seperate diseases that rodents can infect human beings with. Their manual on rodent-bourne illness, PROTECTION FROM RODENT-BORNE DISEASES, WITH SPECIAL EMPHASIS ON OCCUPATIONAL EXPOSURE TO HANTAVIRUS, makes for fairly grim and unappetisizing reading.

Rats, cockroaches and mosquitoes may bedevil America's poor as they do the best they can to deal with unpleasant and often dangerous housing conditions. However, the most egregious bloodsuckers, rodents and pests are often the ones we vote into office under the premise that they have our best intrests at heart. It would only be fitting if New Yorkers used their ballot like a can of Raid and kill Elliot Spitzer's continued infestation of high elected office dead.

Monday, October 04, 2004

Is Iran The Next Domino?

Iran's theocratic 'Republic' has shown tell-tale signs of instability. Michael Ledeen, of NRO, reports that 120 public hangings have occurred since March. That's an awful lot of demonstrative examples. I'm inclined to think a large number of people just are not getting the message.

An organization known as the Student Movement Coordination Committee For Democracy In Iran (SMCCDI) put out the following press release describing their activities.

Several businesses reputed to be linked to the Mullahcracy, and a number of Islamic regime's patrol cars were destroyed or damaged in nightly commando style operations during the last 48 hours. In Tehran alone, unidentified individuals, whom the local residents call "Freedom Fighters," set 26 businesses on fire and destroyed 14 patrol vehicles and were able to escape from the scene unscathed.

Same types of actions have been reported from Shahin Shahr and even the usually peaceful Kashan. Violent means of confrontation with the repressive Islamic regime are alarmingly on the rise, where as more and more, incendiary devices such as Molotov Cocktails, home made grenades, and fire arms are being used by the citizens.

The belief among the populace that the Islamic Republic can not be brought down by "peaceful means" is getting stronger every day.

This constrasts with the bold, swaggering statements of the Iranian regime. Their recent back-handing of US Presidential candidate John Kerry, suggests that the Iranian Mullahs are increasingly invested in the development of a nuclear deterrent as the key to their survival.

When the US Department of Energy wrote it's analysis of Iran, it noted several systemic weaknesses which included the following:

Despite relatively high oil export revenues, Iran continues to face budgetary pressures, a rapidly growing, young population with limited job prospects and high levels of unemployment; heavy dependence on oil revenues; significant (but declining) external debt; high levels of poverty; expensive state subsidies (billions of dollars per year) on many basic goods; a large, inefficient public sector and state monopolies (bonyads, which control at least a quarter of the economy and constitutionally are answerable only to supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei); international isolation and sanctions.

Iran could be the next American victory in the War On Terror. Or it could be the next Prague Spring, a Tienneman Square in a more arid climate. The time for the US to help destabilize Iran's hateful government is now. We have inspired this uprising, we must support it.

We cannot expect to diplomatically improve Iran's behavior. We cannot sit around and wait for them to grow a harvest of mid-range nuclear weapons. Supporting the unrest against The Mullahs today is the most direct way of ending their nuclear program before it reaches fruition tommorrow.

Yo, Yo, Yo, I'm A Link Ho'!

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Hopefully the second time is the charm and my humble ruminations on Iran will be nominated....

Friday, October 01, 2004

RNC HQ Burglarized

The State of Washington has proven itself once more to be Moonbat Central. A group of militant Bush-Haters has broken into the RNC State Headquarters and stolen intelligence information on the GOP 72-Hour Get Out The Vote Operation.

According to the Seattle Times,

A side window of the office on 112-th Ave. N.E. had been smashed.
Seaton said this morning that the campaign staff was still checking to see if anything else had been stolen.

State Republican Party Chairman Chris Vance called it a "Watergate-style break in" and said he suspects Democrats are behind it.

"If you're just some burglar looking for computers to sell to buy drugs you take every laptop in the office maybe," he said. "But they knew exactly whose computers to get. They got the executive director's computer and the get-out-the-vote director's computer."

The Democrats stated that they empathized with the GOP officials who were burglarized and played no role in the thefts. It must have been those pesky Nadarites....

State Democratic Party spokeswoman Kirstin Brost said Democrats had nothing to do with the break-in.

"I feel really bad. I know how upset I'd be if it happened to us," she said.
"There was nothing for us to gain by stealing those computers. Their secret plan isn't so secret."

This occurs against a backdrop of Bush-Cheney signs being vandalized and phone adds which feature the tired, debunked smear that Bush had a secret plan to revive the draft. While no evidence implicates Democratic Party-Members, the old Latin phrase "Qui bono" certainly applies. Watergate has occurred in the other Washington this time.


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