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Thursday, September 02, 2004

Zell Tenderizes Meatwad

Zell Miller showed up for his interview with Chris 'Meatwad' Matthews properly prepared. (ie. He was loaded for bear.)

Matthews first attacked the tone and substance of the speech Senator Miller delivered at the RNC. Judging from the reponses below, the adrenaline still flowed in Zell Miller's veins.

"Look at his record. A man's record is what he is"

"I didn't question their patriotism, I question their judgment"

"That was a metaphor, do you know what a metaphor is?"

Meatwad then attempted to bully Senator Miller. There are easier targets. If I were Meatwad, I would have tried one of them first.

"Get out of may face. If you're going to ask a question you let me answer."

"I wish we lived in the day that I could challenge you to a duel."

"You are not going to do to me what you did to that young lady the other day, browbeating her to death.

"Are you going to shut up after you ask the question?"

As for his first three comments, Bravo Zell, Bravo!

As for comment #4, I'd be satisfied if Meatwad would just shut up. He belongs on Err America. He makes Michael Moore look only slightly biased. Meatwad needs an old sweatsock jammed in his mouth.

Update # 1: Michelle Malkin discerns which of these two men is a gentleman and which is a caveman.

Update # 2: NRO is a lot nicer to Meatwad than I choose to be.


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