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Monday, September 13, 2004

Yet Another Pajama Party! cBS Strikes Out Again!

It seems that cBS has attempted to smear George W. Bush with yet another false accusation regarding his Air National Guard service. Other than killing any reason for an ambitious man to even consider service in the reserves, I don't know what the Kerryites hope to achieve. Constantly gettingcalled out for poorly orchestrated political cheap shots will not improve John Kerry's image.

In the meantime, here comes the PJ Party on this one!

Update I: Wizbang compares John F. Kerry to opponents of Mike Tyson. I think this only because he hasn't started biting off ear-lobes yet.

Update II: Swimming Through The Spin wears an intresting outfit while he paddles through the pool.

Update III: Blogs Of War Calls out this DUmp. Again, The Blogsphere is one step ahead of Dan Blather.

Update IV: Aaron's Rantblog sells the PJ Party Swag. Don't go cBS hunting w/o at least one of these.


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