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Saturday, September 11, 2004

The Week Of Chaos and Fear

The week after 9-11-01 was one of great chaos. Like the Challenger Explosion and The Kennedy Assassination, this event defined a portion of everyone's life. It's one of those events that will evoke stories of where we all ere when the hammer of iniquity fell so heavily.

Here are some of my imperfect memories of what was a chaotic and tragic week for us all.

9:30 AM 11 Sep 2001 - I had recently started my tenure with USAOTC. I was on Fort Hood, at the Forward Test Site waiting for a set of test data. The test was the BCIS IOT, and I was wondering why the stupid internet wasn't working. Finally, came online. I saw a picture of one of the WTC Twin Towers burning. I wondered what sicko hacked the site.

I went over to the supply room where the tv news was usually on all day. It confirmed the worst. The World Trade Center really had been struck. A group of 4 of us watched in stun as the horror and the drama played out. Four planes were down, The World Trade Center and The Pentagon had been hit.

We all stood stricken by it. A tough and hard-bitten Infantry Major best summed up our mood as we watched the carnage on ABC News. "The sons-of-bitches got us. The absolutely f---ing got us." He sounded angry in a calm and dangerous way our enemies should have taken into consideration before they planned the first hijacking.

6:00 AM to 9:45 AM 12 Sep 2001 - Fort Hood locked down hard. The MPs barricaded the entries and had dogs out sniffing every car. The traffic backed up through all of Killeen, Tx. Highway 190 and South Fort Hood Road became snarled parking lots. Despite the frustration, we had each been imbued with a whole new fear of God. We all seemed willing to trade the inconvenience for security.

One contingent of people at our test site were from DC. The plane had hit the side of The Pentagon housing the DOD Acquisition activities. So ironically, most of the fear and mourning I heard on 12 September were for people who had offices in The Pentagon and had not been heard from in the last 24 hours.

One person kept saying. "Three months ago, I worked in that part of The Pentagon, three months ago...."

6:00 AM to 9:30AM 13 September 2004 - I did something stupid. I decided to ditch the traffic and chaos of the Fort Hood entrance gates and walk to work. I should have looked at a map before I laced up my street-hikers. The Forward Test Site was 14 miles from my house.

I made it in 3 hours or so and my feet burned. Despite my careless disregard for the skin on my two big toes, I still arrived before anyone else in my trailer.

The rest of the week was a disordered blur. My story was probably simple and not inspiring. Certainly not on a par with people who witnessed the carnage at Ground Zero. But there it is, for what it's worth. I remeber 9-11-01 and will not soon forget that week of chaos and fear.

UPDATE I: Dean's World and Aaron's Rantblog commemorate the attacks of 9-11-01. Both are classy and well worth visiting.


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