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Monday, September 13, 2004

Sportsman John Kerry And The AWB

President Bush enraged the far right wing of the American spectrum by announcing his willingness to sign the Assault Weapons Ban renewal if such were to appear on his desk before the sunset date of the original bill.
Fortunately for Presdient W, congressional leaders like John F. Kerry got their script backward. They were against the AWB before they suddenly turned in favor.

And what a sudden turnabout it was. On Labor Day, Kerry bragged about his brand new shotgun and how it was made in the Good Old US of A. He waved it over his head like Che Guvara. Ok, like a whitebread, ofey, Vanilla Ice Guvara. However, it was the strongest endorsement of firearm use by the American Left since the Black Panthers walked around the campus of Cornell University with carbines.

So now we have a whole run of rifles, coming off the assembly line, with the following characteristics.

A folding or telescoping stock

A pistol grip

A bayonet mount

A flash suppressor, or threads to attach one (a flash suppressor reduces the amount of flash that the rifle shot makes. It is the small birdcage-like item on the muzzle of the rifle)
A grenade launcher.

Now of course a grenade launcher that puts .40mm grenades through peoples' bedroom windows were already strictly verbotten under The National Firearms Act of 1934. In other words, the AWB pretty much amounted to an exercise in propaganda. This is why George W. Bush had no issue with signing the thing.

If I were armed with a totally legal .30-06, I would have more killing power than anyone packing an AR15A2 which this particular law banned. It was an empty gesture; made by empty suits.

Kerry can scaremonger about the terrible rates of violent crime all he wants, but I'd be a lot more nervous if Kerry were waving around an illegal weapon in front of his adoring fans. It sets a terrible example for America's children and prior to the expiration of the AWB, that was exactly what John F. Kerry was doing.

The bill even bans the semi-automatic Remington 11-87 shotgun that John Kerry received as a gift on Labor Day in Racine, West Virginia. S. 1431, co-sponsored by Senator Kerry, says that an "assault weapon" is any semi-automatic rifle or shotgun with a "pistol grip." According to the bill, "(42) PISTOL GRIP — The term 'pistol grip' means a grip, a thumbhole stock, or any other characteristic that can function as a grip." Kerry's new Remington has a protrusion below the stock, which a person could grip. The protrusion is not a "pistol grip" in the ordinary meaning of the term, but it is a "pistol grip" as defined by S. 1431. - National Review

The AWB died a well-earned death. If John F. Kerry doesn't rapidly purchase a clue, his candidacy is likely to expire on Nov 2nd. Just like the AWB.

Update I: Wizbang takes on Kerry's Gang Who Can't Shoot Straight.

Update II: Queen of ALL Evil (not just some) has become my new cool site of the day. Here she discusses one of John F. Kerry's shortcomings as a political leader.

If Kerry is so fucking concerned about these weapons then perhaps he should have asked someone to teach him how to write a BILL!


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