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Thursday, September 23, 2004

So Bad It Makes Maureen Dowd Look Intelligent

Stanley Crouch offers us his deep thoughts. He proves to be yet another deeply insecure journalist, hacked-off because there is such a thing as a blogsphere. His title, "Media's cowing to attack dogs", suggests that The Man is keeping us all down.

The Man, in this case, is an the average concerned citizen who has gotten tired of being cBSed to the point of distraction. He isn't keeping anyone down, he (or in all fairness she) is rising up in frustration. Stanley Crouch doesn't get it. He's a 3-star imbecile bringing The Pre-Season Game to The Fall Classic.

Call him JP; he lives in Jurrassic Park.

We'll start the Fisking at paragraph 2.

In his marvelously funny and unapologetic book, "Attack Poodles," James Wolcott opens up on right-wing pundits. He defines them as vicious pets that charge not with bites - that would be too dangerous - but with barks that translate into mud. Each bark is a big bubble of muck ready to explode.

Barks that translate into mud. Does that relate somehow to prose that turns into bull manure. Each bark is a big bubble of muck ready to explode? And how many surrealists does it take to change a lightbulb? Potato.

Wolcott could not have imagined that this presidential campaign would descend into barking from the right and the left, with groomed poodles barking from their conservative parlors and unshorn poodles yelping the liberal concerns of our nation. The shrewdest poodles are fixed up or down dependent on the audience. Surfaces and attacks are all.

I'm certain that Niel Young told the audience at Woodstock NOT to use the brown acid.

Not long afterward, CBS' Walter Cronkite became one of the most trustworthy media .fathers the nation has ever known. And CBS' Sunday edition of "60 Minutes" consistently has given the country its best ongoing mass-media investigative journalism.

Wow! I didn't even have to mispunctuate for myself in this entry. How nice of Mr. Crouch. Who's your Media Daddy? The same guy who fact-checks over at cBS?

If they are taken by the issues of life and death, war, health, the environment, outsourcing jobs, education, housing, reducing energy dependence on the Middle East, law enforcement, incarceration, the federal budget and so on, they continue to be forced from their seats by muddy poodles hopping from chair to chair on the right and left sides of the political dinner table.

How about if they just get taken by the fact that media Attack-Hamster Stanley Crouch has the IQ of a grapefruit.

Hat Tip to Leather Penguin for unearthing this ExLax-inspired discharge of Mr. Crouch.


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