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Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Return Of The King III: Growing Pains Edition

The Washington Redskins played hard and never gave up in last night's 21-18 loss to the Dallas Ass-Hats. In the NFL, playing hard and never quitting will help you rack up lots of 3 point losses and a record worthy of a highly-touted 1st Round draft pick.

There were, of course, the bright spots.

  1. They played excellent defense, holding the Ass-Hats to 50 yds on the ground.
  2. Mark Brunnel came out of premature retirement for a game. He actually rolled on the roll-outs.
  3. Portis ran well at times. Far better than against the Giants.
  4. Cleveland is next on the schedule.

Then there were the reasons they lost.

  1. Dropped passes.
  2. Stupid penalties.
  3. Poor clock management.
  4. It was Dallas.

So there you have it. Coach Gibbs is 1-2. Things are looking better for the offense, but they arn't quite there yet. The rebuilding continues...

Update I: Wunderkinder noticed the painfully bad officiating of pass interference calls and lack thereof. It somehow, mysteriously seemed to favor the Ass-Hats.


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