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Tuesday, September 28, 2004

National ID's - Big Brother Likes To Know Who He Is Watching.

Congress has come under manifold political pressure to impliment all of the recommendations of the recently completed 9/11 Commission. In response, they've written a bill that enacts these recommendations into law. Perhaps, a more nuanced approach should have been taken. Not all of these 9/11 Commission ideas necessarily make America a better place to live.

One measure bans federal agencies from accepting Driver's Licenses as ID's unless the license shows a facial portrait and a Social Security Number. In effect, the State Driver's Licenses become a National ID. A simple database query now allows the governement to track individual citizens wherever they may choose to go.

The actual legal requirements for accepting the Driver's License as a form of ID follow below.

b) MINIMUM DOCUMENT REQUIREMENTS.—To meet the requirements of this section, a State shall include, at a minimum, the following information and features on each driver’s license and identification card issued to a person by the State:

  1. The person’s full legal name.
  2. The person’s date of birth.
  3. The person’s gender.
  4. The person’s driver license or identification card number.
  5. A photograph of the person.
  6. The person’s address of principal residence.
  7. The person’s signature.
  8. Physical security features designed to prevent tampering, counterfeiting, or duplication of the document forfraudulent purposes.
  9. A common machine-readable technology, with defined minimum data elements.

This, of course, does nothing to stop a terrorist who drives someone else's car illegally or who just catches to the next hijacking. What it does do is give the government the ability to track and observe almost every aspect of our official and financial lives. Every time we run a license through a scanner, we now pop up on Big Brother's grid.

Freedom of Movement and Freedom of Association fall under potential threat from this legislation. Strongly urge your Congressmember and Senators to rescind this piece from the 9/11 Commission legislation.


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