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Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Kerry Seeks To Repair His Base

It seems John F. Kerry has decided to reorient his campaign. He has gone from attempting to challenge George W. Bush in GOP strongholds such as North Carolina and Ohio to attempting to hang on to states that tend Democratic but are close at the present time. New Jersey, West Virginia, Iowa and Wisconsin come to mind.

This reorientation also extends to which audiences he performs his speeches in front of. Labor Day he stood in front of West Virginian Unionists with a Remington Shotgun. He looked like Vanilla Ice channeling Che Guevara. I can't be the first person to have humorous Tanker Mike Dukakis flashbacks after seeing that visual.

He has also attempted to solidify his large margin of support amongst African Americans. As a Democrat, there seem to be two tried and true methods to turn out black voters on election day. Method one, the Clinton Plan, is to empathise with these people and become almost like family.

Bill may have been very corrupt, but he did have as much psyche and charisma as a caucasian law school graduate can possibly manage. He could converse with these people rather than at them. John F. Kerry lacks that skill to the point where his efforts in that direction provide late night comedy fodder. He has to use methodology number two; The Gore War.

The Gore War consists of mobilizing African-American voters to fight an evil Republican enemy. The "Two Americas" rhetoric and references to Jim Crow and voter quizzes at the polls are The Gore War stock and trade. Despite the fact that the only current political leader with possible hands-on-training in how to lynch a black man is West Virginia Senator, Democrat, and Former Kleagle Robert Byrd, this method also works.

After three complaints from black lawmakers that Kerry wasn't doing what he needed to do to bring African Americans to the polls in large numbers, the Johns went into scaremonger mode. After reading up on his Biblical Passages for another Baptist Church dog-and-pony show, Kerry unleashed the following effluvium of Gore-Worthy Slanders.

Senator Kerry actually claimed that a million black votes were stolen in the 2000 presidential election. Even more astonishing was his speech at the end of last week to the National Baptist Convention USA, the country's largest black church organization. There he charged that the Bush-administration policies were taking the country back to the days of "Jim Crow": "The wrong choices of the Bush administration — reduced taxes for the few and reduced opportunities for the middle class and those struggling to join it — are taking us back to two Americas, separate and unequal." He also invoked several biblical references to attack the president (a quick Lexis/Nexis scan reveals no howls from the expected quarters) contending, among other things, that, as opposed to the Good Samaritan who stopped to help the man in need, George W. Bush "walked right by. He's seen people in need, but he's crossed over to the other side."

If there weren't two Americas prior to this campaign, John Kerry seems determined to get that one taken care of. I doubt John Kerry has the charisma to make his dog sit when he commands it in an insistant voice, so I doubt that Kerry and Edwards could successfully gin up a race war worthy of Oakland in the late 1960's. However, the poisonous rhetoric of hate and debased falsehoods does nothing accept exacerbate old grievances and prejudices.

Decent people of every color and origin try and stamp out the tragic legacy that has led to events such as the murder of the Civil Rights workers in Mississippi. Throwing around the old buzz words, Jim Crow for example, undoes the good and decent work that parents all over America have done to make sure our children bear a lesser burden of hatred than we did. John Kerry's recent racial panderings work athwart deceny and goodness. It's yet another reason that the man deserves to lose.

Update I: The American Mind describes another failed attempt by John F. Kerry to undermine George W. Bush; "Operation Fortunate Son."

Update II: La Shawn Barber issues no quarter to John F. Kerry for his race-baiting.


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