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Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Kerry Is Daft When He Threatens A Draft

John F. Kerry and Johnny "Sunshine" Edwards want us to believe the draft is in for re-runs. It's about as likely as Kerry's Christmas in Cambodia. They promise, if elected, never to bring it back.

Whew, that was a close one. There have been recent attempts to reinstate military conscription. It's just that George W. Bush hasn't made any them. It's a good thing Kerry and Edwards are willing to ride herd on Charlie Rangel.

I'm more worried that Cat Stevens will hijack an airliner, than about George W. Bush reinstating the draft. Kerry is fishing for issues and has doned the infamous tin-foil hat. He deserves ridicule and contempt.

Update I: Captain's Quarters takes Kerry to task on his latest Moonbat stupidity.

Update II: Michelle Malkin describes the latest Kerry hoax. He has now resorted to spam email stating. "Mandatory draft for boys and girls (ages18-26) starting June 15, 2005 ."


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