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Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Heeee's Baaaaaackk!!

NRO is pitching a hissy over the return of Mayor Marion 'The B--ch Set Me Up' Barry to prominence in DC politics. Me, I'm loving it! This is so bad it's funny. Boss Tweed wasn't this funny.

Several posts to the corner follow...

BARRY'S BACK [John J. Miller]In a supreme metaphysical sense, the return of Marion Barry is an unwelcome development. I wish he had lost yesterday. But it's also slightly helpful to Republicans, who can now refer to the "Party of John Kerry and Marion Barry" and not seem outlandishly retro.Posted at 09:28 AM

After this election they may very well just be the party of Marion Barry....

BARRY'S UPSIDE [John J. Miller]One good thing about Marion Barry: He opposes plans to have the District government finance a new baseball stadium intended to house the Expos once they leave Montreal. Public financing of sports arenas is a boondoggle--and Barry is right to oppose it. I'm far from convinced that he opposes it for the right reasons, but motives don't much matter when votes are counted.

Plus, Marion won't let DC waste all that $$$ he could be spending on ho's and street pharmacueticals instead....

D.C.'s OTHER BAD NEWS [John J. Miller]The headlines blaring Barry's victory have drowned out another story: the defeat of city councilman Kevin Chavous. I don't know much about the guy, except that he was one of the brave Democrats who broke ranks with his party to join mayor Anthony Williams and congressional Republicans in support of a limited school-choice plan for poor kids in the District. I would have preferred to see Chavous re-elected than to see Barry defeated. Oh well.

Come on, quit whinging...Mayor Barry put the fun into Fun Street.

RE: BARRY [Ramesh Ponnuru]
Barry claimed that Williams is too focused on renovating a "glittering downtown," and not focused enough on the downtrodden. The mayor's pursuit of a baseball stadium shows that Barry's critique is not completely wrong.

My favorite comment in the Post coverage was not Barry's remark that his victory was also a "victory. . . for God," but rather that of one of his supporters, who said, "He's just like Jesus." Except for the bit about getting caught in a cocaine sting with a hooker.

Now that post is how to properly enjoy having Marion Barry back in business. LOL!

Enjoy America, this year's political season just got much more exciting.

UPDATE I: The Queen of All Evil has invited us all to post interesting tidbits on her website. What could be more interesting than the man who epitomizes the distinction between wrong and fun.


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