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Sunday, September 05, 2004

Don't Jim Jones Me!

The latest in blogospheric rumor-mongering is that we almost have OBL. This would really be cause for celebration. Except for one important fact. It's probably not the truth.

A State Department official claims we have Bin Ladin boxed in and are closing the net around him. This sounds greatly encouraging except for one thing. State Department officials don't employ light infantry tactics for a living and are not physically on the ground with the Pakistani army in the mountains and valleys of the rugged Himalayas.

Therefore, I refuse to even sip that particular flavor of Cool-Aid. You heard it here first. The US is NOT closing in on OBL.

That having been said, it has been fun to watch rumor fly. Besides, if the victory party is in Killeen, Tx, like it was when the 4th ID took down Saddam, I'll buy all these bloggers a pitcher of beer.

Update I: Prescott wonders what would happen if we did get OBL. His money quote: "Desperate men do desperate things."

Update II: Mypetjawa suggests he's mammalian protruberances up. Or to coin an overused Star Trek line, "He's dead, Jim."

Update III: Dean's World effectively sources the original story that spawned the latest "We'll get him soon" rumor.

Update IV: Captain's Quarters suggests we dispense with the propaganda and actually try concentrating on producing OBL before we produce our next soundbyte.


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