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Monday, September 06, 2004

The Dems Board The Crazy Train

Here's how to tell Democrats are having a rough week at the polls. They throw a rod and then sit by the side of the road holding a temper tantrum.

Paul Krugman(9/3) : The title of his column "Feel The Hate" pretty much sums this up. He also claims that Republicans hate America and are attacking John Kerry's patriotism because they know that President Bush, "never in his life took a risk or made a sacrifice for his country". The reason people would vote for Bush is that he has unfairly made them fear John Kerry.

Maureen Dowd (9/2): This bitter old romancer of crackheads called Zell Miller, "Cotton Mather behind the cross-like lectern" and lamented that the GOP was using "non-girlie men" speakers to make Kerry look like a hippie 60's protestor, and communicated that they world wouldn't be safe with Kerry in charge.

Frank Rich(9/3): Perhaps the poster boy for "girly-men", Frank Rich had a downright hissy fit this week. He was deeply offended by the fact that "sissy" Bush had the audacity to "castrate" John Kerry, a man who SERVED IN VIETNAM YOU KNOW. Rich also sees what the rest of don't. All this was Karen Hughes' master plan, starting from when she wrote her book.

The leftist intelligentsia at the Washington Post also tagged teamed this week to lay the groundwork for the Kerry "2004 Excuse Tour" (Get your concert shirts now!).

EJ Dionne(9/3): He was deeply hurt by Zell Miller's speech, which he called the "most vicious and demagogic convention speeches in the television age." He laments that in order to win the GOP must leave the country more divided and broken.

Richard Cohen(9/4): He got so mad, he thought of a fight he witnessed in high school. Not participated in, mind you, as we highly doubt this seeming wuss was ever in a fight himself. He got so darn mad--he wanted someone else to fight back. Cohen whined that the GOP convention was "loathsome affair, suffused with lies and anger,", as well as Miller's speech being "as mad an eruption of hate as I have witnessed in politics". Shut up Richard, he just was doing for us what Kerry wouldn't do - highlight his 20 year Senate record. Do you and EJ share the same manicurist or something, where you talked about Miller's speech being the worst thing since the bubonic plague?

Joe KleinNot to be outdone by the Times or the Post, was this ultra-whiny lefty with seemingly perpetual angst. Both on CNN and in Time Klein called the Miller speech "the ugliest I've ever seen at a convention." He even said Kerry had license to lie, given the G.O.P. "assault" on him

In the interests of bandwidth, you can also read the tears flowing from the pages (or in this case computer screens) of:

Andrew Sullivan (9/2): He laments the "hateful rhetoric" of an "angry old man"

Helen Thomas (9/3): She gets angry about the "vicious attacks" and "disgraceful and false accusations" against Kerry

Susan Estrich(9/1) is as mad as hell and and isn't going to take it anymore, even if it means leveling insane charges against the President

John Glenn (9/3) who was obviously in space too long, likened the convention rhetoric to Hitler

Paul Begala (9/2) posited that whoever wrote Miller's speech was a "right wing thug" and that Miller delivered it "like a good Marine";

and finally Terry McCauliffe (9/3)attacked Miller's "spew of anger"

UPDATE I: Umbrae Canarum lists the long roll of items Senator Kerry cannot be attacked for. I guess Susan Estrich will call me unpleasant names if I keep it up.

UPDATE II: TAM reports that the Kerry camp is already reviving the Bush took cocaine charge.


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